Monday, March 28, 2011

Diaries of a Baseball Mom...

Every year our little league baseball season has opening ceremonies at the beginning of a spring training game at our city's baseball stadium. This is the 6th year (I think!) that the boys have participated in this fun event. Before the start of the game all of the players and coaches get to walk the warning track while the crowd goes maybe they don't go wild, but it is a proud mama moment!!
We usually get there early enough to grab some great lawn seats and watch batting practice. This year Brendan snagged this ball from a Josh Hamilton homerun!! The pitcher for the Mariners signed it for him while he was on the field!

Watching batting practice from the lawn
Since they are too far apart in age this year, they are on 2 different teams (lucky me!) so here they are with their teammates watching the field waiting for the call to go to the warning track.

Brendan, Kayla, Colin

And here they come...the 2011 players and coaches in the Babe Ruth Softball League and the Cal Ripken Baseball League. This year there are over 1800 players ranging in age from 5-15, t-ball to coach pitch to kid pitch to majors....Colin's team is in the kid pitch division and Brendan's team is in the majors...big time!

Colin is looking up at me as he and his teammates walk onto the field

He is the one in front...#14

Brendan and Ryan bring up the rear...Brendan is #9

After all of the players and coaches walk the warning track they come into the stands and we get to stay and watch the game. We always pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the sun while watching the game.
Today the Texas Rangers beat the Seattle Mariners

And let the season begin...

Tonight is our first game...Well Brendan's first game...Colin plays on Thursday and then both boys play again on Saturday. Yep...this will be my season since they are on 2 different teams!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Project 365

A picture a day for 365 days...a year's worth of fun!


Sunday March 20, 2011

This is a fun aiming game that the boys got from one of their friends. Get the ping pong ball in the cup...that's it...but at our house it has become the EXTREME game of get the ping pong ball in the cup game!!


Monday March 21, 2011

Tonight was supposed to be the boys opening night of baseball...first game of the season...mother nature had other plans and here in AZ, on this first full day of spring, the temperature didn't get near where it needed to be (for AZ) and it rained ALL games were canceled and I came home and curled up with a nice mug of steaming hot tea while my new Gold Canyon Dazzle Berry candle burned the cold night away.

Tuesday~82/365 Tuesday March 22, 2011

Brendan has joined the Fitness Club at school on Tuesday afternoons. It is facilitated by one of our PE teachers and he teaches the kids the correct and safe way to stay fit while having fun! Here is Brendan doing one of the exercises...mind you this pic was taken after club was over and all of the other kids were gone...heaven forbid I embarrass him by taking pics during fitness club!!


Wednesday March 23, 2011

Kayla cutting Brendan's hair for school pics tomorrow


Thursday March 24,2011


Today we celebrated Ryan's thritysomething birthday. Sadly he woke up not feeling so well...bad head cold and since the boys had baseball practice after school we will really celebrate on Saturday!


Friday March 25, 2011

This is what we came home from school to find...our sliding glass door shattered. We think our landscaper must have shot a rock while fixing up the backyard, which hit the door and shattered it. Sadly they were gone when we got home and now they are not answering any calls or texts from us...we are NOT so happy.


Saturday March 26, 2011

Saturday was a fun busy day for us....Colin was invited to sing in our school districts elementary school honor choir. Twenty elementary schools in our district sent their best singers for an awesome performance of a Disney melody...Colin did AWESOME! I was so very proud of him!

After the concert we had our family birthday party at our house to celebrate Brendan's birthday, my sister Jennifer's birthday and Ryan's birthday (all March babies!) I made shrimp boil for dinner...OH MY YUMMINESS!!!

And when there's a birthday party there's gotta be presents!! Here is Brendan with the last of his birthday stash!!

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Project 365 ~ 2 Weeks Worth

A picture a day for 365 days...a year's worth of fun!

Today the boys got new baseball cleats for the season...Colin also needed new batting gloves and a new mitt...let the season begin!

Monday~67/365 First baseball practice of the season and even though the boys are on 2 different teams they have the same coach which means same practice times...thank goodness!

No picture today...This was the beginning of my parent/teacher conference week and I was to school very early and home very no picture.


Sadly this was my dinner tonight, a late dinner at that; I had early morning conferences, after school conferences, baseball practice and then I drove a friend & his son home after practice since their car was in the shop.


Brendan turns 11 one week from today and in the mail he received his first out of state birthday present from his Gramma & PaPa...a new DS game!


Friday was a half day of school, last day before spring break, I had a dr. appointment for my knee AND we left for a spur of the moment road trip to Cali! You may notice a 3rd child in the car...we have acquired a "daughter". Her name is Kayla and she is 15 years old. She is now part of our family! (the daughter I have always wanted!)

Angleina and her new bestest friend Kayla...she kept telling her "don't be scared silly goose". I love love love this little girl!

Sunday we went bowling to celebrate Brendan's birthday...lots of fun had by all but I have to tell you that I won BOTH games...I rocked that alley!!

Monday~74/365 Monday we went to the beach in was COLD, but that didn't stop the boys from playing in the water! Ryan hung out, Kayla layed out and I took a much needed run on the beach. Even with the breeze it was still a fun time!

Spent the entire day in the car coming back picture...I think this is 2 Tuesdays in a row with no picture...that's not good...oh well...there is always next Tuesday!


Baseball practice...they got their uniforms. Brendan is a Cardinal and Colin is a Cub!

Thursday~77/365 St. Patrick's Day and Brendan turns 11...OH MY GOODNESS! I decorated the house with green streamers & balloons (his fav color), made him green pancakes for breakfast, and his requested dinner of noodles & breadsticks with chocolate birthday cake and cookies & cream ice cream for dessert. Tiff came to help us celebrate and brought him a fun new baseball DS game!


Friday each McCraken was able to ask one friend to come and play and spend the night. Brendan wanted to go ice skating and since it was his birthday (and I had free open skate coupons) we went skating...even me! They had lots of fun! After skating we came home and everyone was able to make their own pizza...after dinner it was a night filled with video games, laughter, TV and Bay Blades as well as more cake and ice cream!

Saturday brings us to opening ceremonies of Cal Ripken Little League Baseball. Each year all of the players and coaches get to walk the field before one of the spring training baseball games. This is the 6th year the boys have participated in the fun day and after they walk the field we get to stay and watch the the Rangers beat the Mariners! Monday night is their first game; Colin plays at 5:30pm and Brendan at 7:30pm...thankfully at the same field!

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

On The Courts...

Last 2 basketball games of the season

Game 7
Saturday February 26, 2011

Brendan & the Yellow Scorpions are up first

Going in for the bucket

Passing it in
playing a little (or alotta) defense!

The Scorpions come away with another win...and once again they stopped keeping score since they were up by so many buckets!

Great job Scorpions!

Next game and Colin is up with the Demons

taking it down the court

He is a monster on offense!
Even with all of that awesome offense the Demons still could not pull out a win, but lost by 3 measly sad

22-25One more week of basketball
Scorpions win
Demons lose

Game 8
Saturday March 5, 2011
Last game of the season

Colin & the Demons up first
Colin was able to go up for the jump ball....
...and got it! Way to go Colin!

Making his free throw

taking it down the court

playing a lotta defense

AND THE DEMONS WIN (finally!!)

Way to go Demons!!

Next Up...
Brendan & the Scorpions turn
Let's go Boys
Brendan got to do the jump ball for his game too AND won it!

shoots and scores


...and once again they were up by so many points they stopped keeping score and the Scorpions win again in their final game...

And that's the season
Scorpions finish 7-1
Demons finish 4-4
Great season Boys...
Now onto baseball season!