Sunday, August 28, 2011

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Sunday August 21, 2011

I started reading this book this weekend and I cannot put it very good. I want to finish it so I can actually see it in the movie theater before it leaves!

Monday August 22, 2011

This week is predicted to be H.O.T....the hottest we have seen in a lloonnggg time. With our humidity (which we rarely have) the heat indexes have been to high that we most likely will have no recess for the entire week. Today was the first day...the kids liked it since they got to 'play'!


Tuesday August 23, 2011

Tonight before football practice the helmet decals were put onto all the boys' helmets. They look like the same decals as the last 3 seasons except they say Cats instead of Cobras. They are a copy of the Florida Gators helmets.

Wednesday August 24, 2011

This week the boys are down to only 2 football practices a week (thankyoujesus!) so instead of practicing some football we went to watch some football (oh lucky I don't have anything else to do!) And with the heat, Ryan's practice was pushed back later so we were able to get there and see most of it. The boys even helped out in some of the individual drills!

Thursday August 25, 2011

Tonight it was just me and Ryan for a few hours! On Thursdays the boys go to practice with another player and his dad (I take them on Tuesdays) and Kayla was at a friend's house, so we had a picnic dinner in bed, he played on the computer while I read! So very relaxing!

Friday August 26, 2011

...and so it's officially football season. Tonight was the Wildcat's home opener against the DV Skyhawks. The Wildcats looked great, coming out and scoring on their opening drive, but could not hold up the lead and ended up losing 28-21. It was a late night for us too...with the heat advisory the district pushed back kick-off by an hour so we started at 8pm.


Saturday August 27, 2011

And that brings up to Saturday and the boys' first game of their season. We had the early game...thankgoodness...and had to be to the field by 6:15am. (at the time the temp was 96*). It was HOT and they were tired (from being at Ryan's game until 11pm) and it made for a long morning! We all came home exhausted and gross! The boys sadly lost 19-0, but looked good...we shall see next weekend.

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sara said...

oh the help is so good!! The book is better but the movie is very good!

I love the picnic in bed!!! what a fun idea!

He & Me + 3 said...

I am starting to love seeing football pictures and cheer pics...since my girl has started cheering :) You can find a great picture at any sport if you shoot long enough :) Great pictures this week. Sorry about the loss and yeah for quiet time without kids. I want to see that movie. I don't have time to read.

RaD said...

6:15?! That's crazy! But I'd take it if it ended up being the coolest part of the day.

Awesome perspective on all your sports pics! I love seeing your family's life in sports, so much to cheer for.

The Bug said...

Wow - I'm getting sweaty just THINKING about playing in that heat! Glad they looked good - hopefully next week will bring some wins to the McCraken household.

~Laura said...

Let me know how that book is...I have no time to read with school starting myself and work, but maybe over Christmas break...we are also reading books for church too...oh, I wish it came in movie format.