Sunday, January 30, 2011

Project 365

A picture a day for 365 days...a year's worth of fun!

So last week I posted a picture of the before cake that I made with only diet soda & cake mix...well we loved it so much that I made another one {um...yes I did!} and here is the after pics before devouring it...the chocolate one is choc cake mix & diet dr. pepper and the yellow one is yellow cake mix & diet cherry 7-up. Her name is Hungry Girl and she adapts 'normal' recipes so dieting people can feel like they are eating real food very yummy!


Colin at basketball practice warming up...I am little sad, I have to admit, they have moved bball practices from the high school to an elementary school which means no weight room which in turn means no more working out for me during practice {insert tear here}...


January in Mrs. McCrakens' kinder class means it's time for simple is one of my students working her magic doing domino math! Adding is so very easy for this class...subtraction on the other hand...not so much!


I am in the middle of reading this book...all I can say is...OH.MY.AWESOMENESS.
It is hitting me straight over the head, making me ask hard questions, and opening my eyes to the Lord. I am loving it.


This has become a fav in the McCraken is SO yummy on almost cream {yum}, oatmeal {yum}, yogurt {yum}...could go on and on...and tonight I went to another Pampered Chef party and bought 3, YES 3, more different flavors to go in my spice drawer!


Friday night I met Crystal at a very yummy Mexican restaurant for happy hour and kid-free-mommy-only was so great to catch up over chips and salsa!

Saturday~29/365 Saturday found us at the park celebrating Owen's 4th birthday...Dr. Seuss style! On the agenda...decorate your own cupcakes!

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

On The Courts...

Saturday January 22, 2011
Game 2

Brendan & the Yellow Scorpions played bright and early at 9am at WCHS's main gym {which is nice since they have real bleachers!}

Brendan inbounding the ball

Taking his shot

...and since he was fouled while taking his shot...he gets to shoot for 2...

playing a little bit a defense
They played a very good game...played together as a team...
and they came away with another



2...4...6...8...who do we appreciate...

Colin and the Maroon Demons played later in the day...2pm at a different school
Here is Colin warming up before the game starts...nice shot Colin Boy!

Colin shoots and scores!...count it for 2...

At one point in the game Colin was fouled and went to the free throw line...

The team that we were facing was very good...they scored first and had some real talent. At the half it was all tied up 10-10...
Colin dribbling down the court

inbounding the ball

The 2nd half was a sided and it wasn't the Demon's side! They were out scored 20 to 3...the Demons looked tired and sluggish and the other team played much better...oh well...better luck next week Demons...

Final Score with the Demon's first loss of the season...
No matter win or lose...they always end it with a team cheer
See you next time On The Courts...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fun with Long Lost Friends!

We have lived in AZ for over 6 years now...before moving across the country we said good bye, see ya later, so some very very very good family friends. They have been part of Ryan's life since he was in high school, they loved me from the moment I met them and they have loved on the boys since the minute they came into this world. They are such good friends that we consider them family calling them aunts, uncles and grandma. Long story short...we moved, they moved (a few times) and we lost touch except through cards here and there, texts every once in awhile and facebook....sad but true.

Well...this past November we got back in touch and became serious about getting see within the last 3 years, 3 of the 4 sisters and their mom have moved to the LA area; a mere 6 hr drive from our house. So we decided to take a spur of the moment trip to Cali over Thanksgiving day weekend. We had SO much fun and even though the boys hadn't seen them in a super long time, they didn't miss a beat!

We arrived on Friday afternoon and Colin instantly fell back into his Auntie's arms!

Brendan, Grandma Pam (his Godmother) and Angelina (her granddaughter)

Hannah (Angelina's mom), Ryan & Angelina
Amanda & Colin

While we were there, Aunt Amanda got a new TV...her new baby! Everyone was loving it!
Brendan, Ryan, Emma (daughter of Hannah) & Stacey

Me with Hannah's 2 beauties...we fell in love with these girls the nanosecond we laid eyes on them...the first time Angelina met me she came up to me, took my hand and said "I missed you so much." heart melted...
Brendan getting Emma to laugh...Emma Jewel...the jewel of Ryan's eyes...the minute he saw her he fell hard...the little girl he never had is one of his best friend's daughter. No doctor can diagnose Emma; she has the tendencies of an infant at 3 years old, but she is the sweetest little girl with the most beautiful smile. learn more about Emma and her family check out her website...Hope for will fall in love with her as quick as we did.

Saturday we hung out at Aunt Amanda and Uncle Sunil's house watching TV, laughing, eating, talking, playing video games...just like old times.

Before leaving we started snapping pictures...
Uncle A.T., Emma, Brendan, Colin, Aunt Hannah, Angelina

Miranda, Amanda, Ryan, Pam, Hannah
Colin, Grandma Pam, Brendan
Uncle Sunil & Aunt Amanda
We had such a great time, and short, that we promised to come back after Christmas for a bit longer...until then...we love you!

Monday December 27, 2010
We loaded up the car and headed back to Cali to spend time with our fav long lost family

Here I am, apparently texting, with Miranda's new Christmas present on my lap...Tootsie!

Colin & Brendan waiting patiently to open {more} Christmas presents

Brendan got Where the Red Fern Grows {book & movie} from Grandma Pam, his Godmother

Colin got his fav NFL team, the Chargers, shirt from Aunt Amanda & Uncle Sunil

Thanks Aunt Amanda & Uncle Sunil

Me, Colin & Tootsie

Auntie Miranda playing Loopz with Colin {the game she gave him for Christmas} much fun...

We had lots of fun...we hung out, went to the movies, played at the park, went to listen to Aunt Miranda and Aunt Hannah sing {they have absolutely beautiful voices} and celebrated Christmas in the 4 days we were there.

The morning that we left
Brendan & Grandma Pam

Colin wanting to take Tootsie with us...Ryan saying..."that is SO not happening!"

both boys with auntie

Ryan & Emma Jewel...the little girl that has him wrapped around her little finger

Thanks for everything...we had so much fun and can't wait to visit again very very soon!
We love and miss you already!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Project 365

A picture a day for 365 days...a year's worth of fun!


Brendan's friend Brennon spent the night on Sunday night since we had no school Monday due to MLK Jr. day. A pre-bedtime snack of warm cookies and milk! Yummy!

Monday~17/365 While outside playing basketball Monday afternoon, look who showed up?! Brendan was so very excited since they never came around at our old house!

Tuesday~18/365Tuesday we celebrated the 100th day of school! Lots of fun with math centers, crowns, books, counting, a special 100 day trail mix and much much more!! This is a big day for students and teachers alike...the kids like it because it's a fun day to celebrate...the teachers like it because there is only 80 school days left until summer!

Wednesday~19/365 My 2 boys are as different as night and day. The past week the weather has been beautiful...still cool in the mornings but warming into the mid 70s by dinner time. We there are on the way out the door to school...if Brendan could wear shorts 365 days a year, he would! Brendan in shorts & t-shirt...Colin in jeans & a sweatshirt...different as night and day!

Thursday~20/365 Thursday after basketball practice I dropped the boys off at home and headed to Tiff's house to hang out and watch TV...on the way I stopped off at our fav fro yo place for a treat!

Friday~21/365 Friday afternoon we had Honor Assemblies at school. Both Brendan & Colin received Principal's Honor Roll (again!) for having straight A's for the entire semester....they also were put into a special raffle for an ipod shuffle...and guess who won?!...Colin Boy!! That's right, they drew his name and he won an ipod shuffle...he was so excited!!


So Tiff found this amazingly awesome website the other day and it has now become a favorite with healthy, easy and yummy recipes...Hungry Girl is her name and yumminess is her game! This is a recipe that is a moist cake mix and one can of 12 oz. any kind of diet soda...that's it...mix together and bake as directed on the box! I made chocolate cake with Diet Dr.Pepper and topped it with a dusting of powered sugar...

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