Sunday, June 26, 2011

Project 365

A picture a day for 365 days...a year's worth of fun!

Sunday ~ 171/365

Sunday June 19, 2011

Here's hoping all of the dads out there had a fantabulous day! After meeting my parents for brunch we headed home for some dads day pictures and of course my boys have a hard time taking pictures without goofing around!

So Brendan decided to take matters into his own hands...can you guess what he did??! lol


Monday June 20, 2011
Poor Colin...he spent the night at a friends house last night and stayed up WAY to late so when he came home today is was nap time for sure!


Tuesday June 21, 2011
Can you say goofball??

Wednesday June 22, 2011
Happy first day of summer!!


Thursday June 23, 2011

Can you see what I see?? It's not every day I open up my freezer to find one of these inside...well OK...maybe I do!


Friday June 24, 2011

Friday I promised the boys I would take them ice skating. They have been asking since we went in March; and the best part...I had free skate passes. They had a blast (and I really enjoyed watching them have so much fun) and they stayed on their skates a lot more than on the ice!


Saturday June 25, 2011Saturday I spent the day watching and playing with these 2 cuties...their dad is a coach with Ryan and they had an all day passing tourney along with a big man comp. WCHS did well in both's looking like a promising season so far!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Welcome to the SNAKEPIT...

Saturday night found us in downtown Phoenix at US Airways Center to watch the Arizona Rattlers play some arena football! This is a first for the McCrakens and we all had lots of fun! Thanks to Hud for the free tickets!

We got there about an hour before kick off so the boys were able to go close to the field to watch warm close that as the team ran on the field they high fived the fans!

Getting ready for kick off

Arizona Rattlers vs San Jose SaberCats

Coin toss...the Rattlers won...the chose to defer. Oh the reason for the title of Welcome to the Snakepit??? Yea...that is what they call their home field..get it...rattlers...snakepit...bbbaaahhhaa!!!!

And the game begins...

Now this isn't like the football that I know and the entire game I was asking Ryan questions right and left...which he was not so happy with but answered anyways!! This is 8 man football where players play both sides of the ball. They play on a 50 yard field instead of a 100 yard field and the clock doesn't stop. There is no punting and the score is usually very high!

Although there are different rules there are cheerleaders...even in arena football and since AZ is the Rattlers their cheerleaders are the Sidewinders (another kind of snake!). Here they are performing one of their routines. (the changed into these outfits for this specific dance. The wore black dance pants and white tops)

Throughout the game they had fun things going of them being the 'fist pump cam' and guess who made the jumbo tron???...

...that's right...the McCrakens! Brendan & Colin pumping away and you can see me taking their pic and Ryan on the other side of me!! To say that the boys were excited to make the big screen would be an understatement!!

Oh...and there is no out of bounds...if they hit the wall OR go over the wall then they are out of bounds and if the balls went into the stands the fans got to keep them! Sadly no balls came our way!

And when the final second ticked off the clock the Rattlers came away with a VICTORY! The nearly won with a last minute touch down and I do mean last was more like last 20 seconds!!

And with that win brought the Rattlers the honor of being the West Division Champs!!

After the game players from both teams met at mid field to pray...thought that was so awesome!

What a fun {free} family event!! We all had a GREAT time!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Project 365

A picture a day for 365 days...a year's worth of fun!

Sunday June 12, 2011
These toys have been on my coffee table for a week now...I don't mind so much since Brendan has been playing with them. I love it when he finds toys he hasn't played with in forever and they are like new again!!


Monday June 13, 2011

Yahtzee has become the new family fav game this summer! Colin rediscovered this game in our game's been fun!
Tuesday June 14, 2011And this has become my new fav toy in the kitchen! I don't know why it's taken me so long to renew my love with it...especially in our heat...NO oven! Today before going to work I put in 4 frozen chix breasts and 1 jar of salsa. When I got home din din was done! It was so very yummy on a warm tortilla with cheese & sour cream!

Wednesday June 15, 2011

Wednesday = movie day in these parts...Megamind was on the agenda...this is one that we have never seen and I must say that I even enjoyed it!


Thursday June 16, 2011

Thursday is field trip day at Tutor Time and today we headed to Peter Piper Pizza with 56 school agers. It was lots of fun...we got to tour the restaurant and they each got to make their own individual pizzas. If you do not know; this is similar to Chuck E. Cheese; so while waiting for the pizzas to bake they got to play in the game room!


Friday June 17, 2011

Colin has been bugging to go back to the skate park so Friday night we headed there before it got to late (since the later it gets the older the boys get...if you know what I mean!) We stayed for about an hour and he had a blast...'cept for the fall he took! (he's ok!)


Saturday June 18, 2011

Saturday was a busy busy day at the McCraken house. First on the list was momma's workout and then home to grab the McCraken boys and head to football registration. Here are all the helmets in the equipment room where they were fitted for everything that they will need when practice starts...which will be here before we know it...Monday August 1 to be exact!

After spending the afternoon at a friend's dance recital (no photos allowed) we headed down town to experience arena football for the first time! It was so much fun! The Arizona Rattlers played the San Jose SaberCats and beat them in the final minute of the game to become the West Division Champs!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Colin Boy & Camp Candlelight - 2011

This year Camp Candlelight was moved closer to home, an hour and a half instead of a three hour drive each way. {thankyouverymuch!} Chauncey Ranch is now where Camp Candlelight calls home!
First thing...getting his bunk all set. And when it was all said and done, he switched bunks 3 times, but finally found one that suited his needs!

Colin has been talking about going back to camp since coming home from camp LAST summer! He was so excited!
Ryan & Colin after we got there. It was a lot different than drop off last year; last year they had an orientation for parents and this year it was just drop your kid off and...bye!

And of course a pic of me and my Colin Boy!
So after a few pictures and a lot of prompting we said our good byes and kissed and left.

So after a week away we headed back up north to pick up Colin Boy....He was so excited to see me and grandma but was sad to say good bye to his counselors...

Above is Rachel...the counselor that he had a crush on last year! She was back and couldn't say enough good things about Colin!

This is of the counselors in his cabin.

More sad to say see you next year!

Here is Colin with the Camp Director

Another one of Colin's counselors, Frankie

And here is he is posing with the camp doc

Last counselor in his cabin, Cameron...Colin loved hanging out with all of these guys!

Finally some pics of grandma & me!! Thanks for the love!
The entire way home Colin was non stop talking about all of the great adventures he had...they went horseback riding, canoeing, zip-lining (little jealous on this one! lol), rock wall climbing, hiking, gold panning, swimming, played paintball, played basketball, archery...just to name a few! Wish I went to camp like this when I was kid!

Catching a game before heading home with another camper

Until Next Year....