Sunday, December 11, 2011

Project 365 ~ Better Late than Never!!

A picture a day for 365 days...a year's worth of fun!

Sunday ~ 324/365
Sunday November 20, 2011

Sunday night brought students over to hang out...I love being the hang out house!! We had some snacks and dinner and lots of laughs!

Monday November 21, 2011

Brendan is REFUSING to but his hair and it's KILLING me!! (pick your battles...pick your battles!) morning he wakes up with major bed head. I took this picture to show him how bad his hair actually looked since he couldn't see it in the mirror!!


Tuesday November 22, 2011 The school where I teach & the boys attend was awarded an A status and Excelling school...isn't that awesome?! Today was our Excelling celebration...we had an Olympic themed day with a parade of scholars, gold medals, the passing of the eternal flame of knowledge and donuts!! It was an amazingly fun day! Here I am with my class and the flag we made representing our class.

Wednesday November 23, 2011

'Twas the night before Thanksgiving and all through the's what's for dinner!!

Thursday November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday November 25, 2011

Once the wishbone dried out the boys were able to make a wish...Brendan was the wish maker this year!


Saturday November 26, 2011 Saturday I made another entire Thanksgiving meal to share with some of Ryan's students...I must say that is way much better tasting the second time around!

Sunday ~ 331/365
Sunday November 27, 2011
I finally put up our family portraits that were taken over a year ago!! I went to Michael's on Thanksgiving night to get an AWESOME deal on frames. I am loving the way the layout turned out!

Monday November 28, 2011

Monday night was WCHS Wildcats Varsity Football banquet...this year it was held in the gym at the school and catered by a Mexican restaurant. Here I am with Tyler, one of my favs! Ryan is trying to set him up with a scholarship so he can play ball in college.


Tuesday November 29, 2011 Dr. Joy came to talk to all 5 kinder classes today to press the importance of staying healthy, washing hands, covering our coughs & sneezes and getting our flu shots.

Wednesday November 30, 2011

Since changing schools, the boys have been bugging to ride their bikes (we live about 6 blocks but across a super busy main road with no light or cross walk). I held them off until after football ended...I mean really, how could they ride bikes with their HUGE football bags!! So today was the day. I planned on riding my bike too, but half a block from the house, my tire popped off the rim, to I drove and they rode. They loved it!

Thursday December 1, 2011

Every year I make these with my kinder class...a count down mouse to Christmas!

Friday December 2, 2011

Friday was our city's annual tree lighting ceremony. No body wanted to go with me, so I went by myself {tear} and was able to hear some great music, see some beautiful lit up hot air balloons, and feel the Christmas cheer as they turned on the lights for the first time this season!


Saturday December 3, 2011

Saturday was the boys' CATS football banquet...nothing fancy...just a potluck at a local park where the parent's could chat and the boys could play football...cuz it's all about football!! Here are the boys with their coaches.

I received this, totally unexpected, from the team for doing the job nobody ever wants to do...TEAM MOM. (another mom & I stepped up to the plate when crickets were sounded!) It was a roll of toilet paper (for a crap job that nobody wants to do! lol) and a $25 gift card to Applebee's!!

And the boy's trophies

Sunday ~ 338/365
Sunday December 4, 2011

Sunday we met my parents at their clubhouse for our annual Christmas card picture taking in front of the fireplace! Here are my mom & dad with the grandkids.

Monday December 5, 2011

Colin lost a bet to Mrs. K, a teacher at school, so he had to wear a Packers Jersey on Monday as his payment...he didn't mind!


Tuesday December 6, 2011 We spent 26 hrs in New York City on Tuesday & Wednesday. We were there to honor and celebrate my father in law for being inducted into the college football hall of fame. It was so much fun...although I wish we had more time to see the sights! The dinner was formal so we were able to dress up! Above are my in-laws and all the kids with their spouses!

Ryan & I

Wednesday December 7, 2011

We walked everywhere we could Tuesday after the ceremony and Wednesday until we had to head to the airport. We saw Rockefeller Center, the tree, the ice rink, the Today Show being taped, Radio City Music Hall, Times Square and all of the fun shops, Central Park, 5th Ave, Madison Ave., Grand Central Station, Bryant Park, ate in a NY deli, and were driven around in the KRAZY (the a capital K) traffic!

Ryan & I in front of the tree & skating rink at Bryant Park

Thursday December 8, 2011

Thursday my (well actually Ryan's) cousin and her son were here for his basketball tourney. Kristy stayed with us and since I was her ride, I was able to see Derek in he is (#35 in maroon) getting the jump ball! His team went 2-1 this weekend.

Friday December 9, 2011

Friday the entire fam went to see Derek & his team play and after go out to dinner. Brendan and Colin love hanging out with Derek!


Saturday December 10, 2011

Saturday was our annual WCHS Football Christmas Party. Lots of laughs with good food and great friends! These are just some of the yummy desserts at the party!

Join in with Sara...It's not to late to join the fun!
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Foursons said...

It looks like you had a nice Thanksgiving (twice!) I love all the pictures on your wall, you did a great job with the collage. I am wanting to do something similar but I'm having a hard time getting my pictures printed. *sigh*

NYC looks amazing. When we went in the summer my husband kept saying he wanted to go back at Christmas. Such a magical time of year and I'm sure everything looked so beautiful.

Congrats on the school scoring so well. I know that's a huge deal!

It's almost Christmas, can you believe it?!

Stacy said...

Busy Busy woman! I am glad you had a blast in NYC even if it was just for 26 hours!

My kids wish they could ride bikes to school but we live too far.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good time in NY, and of course I was watching GMA, in case I saw you guys there. Love all the new family pictuers, and you and Ryan look great, you should dress up more often...Love you all.....Love Aunt Judy

The Bug said...

Congrats to your school - that's a nice honor!

LOVE your NY jewelry - you both looked great!

That was some serious bed head, but you're right, pick your battles. My brother used to hit himself in the head with a hairbrush (which explains a lot - heh) because his curls wouldn't lay flat - now he wears it really short to keep it under control :)

He & Me + 3 said...

Wow so much to comment on. Bren's hair is getting so long. Does he have a style that he is growing it into? SM gets bed head and he has a buzz cut. LOL
Love how awesome you both looked in NY! so jealous. Glad you got a yummy turkey the second time around. How fun to break the wish bone. Not sure my kids know what that is. Ha! Bad mom. Yeah for living close enough to school to ride there. Miss you much! XO