Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me Monday!

OK, so this is my 1st "Not Me!" Monday...bear with me!!
Up front and honest...Here it goes!
1. It certainly wasn't me that cleaned my house just because my parents came back into town.
The Lord knows that cleanliness is next to Godliness!
2. And it was not me that made the McCraken boys clean the toilets because I just couldn't do it (or plain just didn't WANT to do it!)!
3. It was not me that washed and folded the boys laundry and then left it sitting in the basket for an entire week, making them scrounge through it looking for school clothes every morning.
Heck no, a good mother would put those clothes away as soon as they were folded!
4. It could not have been me that bought our Halloween pumpkins at WalMart because I was too lazy to go the the pumpkin patch. I have way more spirit than that!
OK, that is all I have, or all I can remember for this week. Hope you enjoy my "Not Me's!"
To join the fun visit MCKMama's blog.


Lisa said...

Loves your "not me's" especially the clean clothes in the laundry basket for a whole week oh my, I NEVER do

He And Me + 3 said...

Pumpkin patch...don't you mean the good ole dust pile with pumpkins scattered around? LOL Those were good. YOu got the hang of it Mccraken! I never clean like the dickens before company comes over either. Bugs Rick to no end.

Stacy said...

Your "not me's" were very cute. This too was my first week. It seems like I never get the clothes put either!

Jessie said...

Love your not mes... I don't clean before people come over either ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow...I could have written every ONE of those Not Me's myself...heh. Sad ain't it? LOL

Anonymous said...

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