Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Colin as the Red NinjaBrendan as a Zombie Skeleton

Red Ninja (Colin), Grandma, Sharpey (Kennedy), Zombie Skeleton (Brendan) & GrandpaWhat fun, what fun!! dress up and then beg for candy at a stranger's house. Isn't it ironic that 364 days a year, I remind my boys daily not to talk to strangers, go to somebodies house that I don't know and heaven forbid, take candy from strangers!! But on this one fun night, we get to break all the rules, so we can break the bank fixing all the tooth decay! Oh well, it is all in good fun, right?!! So we got home from school, hung out, ate spaghetti and then hurried into our costumes; Brendan a zombie skeleton; Colin, a red ninja; and my niece Kennedy, Sharpey from HSM! With next door neighbors, grandma, Aunt Jennifer and puppy Ellie in tow, we headed out for our adventure. We treated at all the lit houses and then headed home to check out our loot. I hope you enjoy the pics as much as I enjoyed watching my boys have tons of fun. The only sad part of the night was that Ryan missed his first Halloween. His football team had a game vs. Kingman and it was away (3 and a half hrs away). As I type this, the latest update I had was WCHS was winning at the half, 34-0. Way to go Wildcats!Mom and her 2 boys

Look at all this Loot!

**Update...I just got a text from Ryan as I was posting, and WCHS beat Kingman 48-7! Way to go Wildcats! The only down side to this awesome victory is the long drive home. At least the booster club is buying them pizza for the trip!**


Debra said...

Way to go Wildcats!!! Stacey, you must be so happy for them. I'm glad they get pizza on the way home.

We had such a good game too. The other team was undefeated and I'm not sure we have any voices was very closely matched.

Josh was too nervous to eat afterwards he was we went to Chili's.

I'm glad your guys got some good treats...we were such crazy people...we went to buy all this candy forgetting we weren't even going to be here! I feel so blonde...oh wait, I am blonde. tee hee

Blessings to you tonight! Can you tell I'm chatty?

McCrakensx4 said...

I love your spirit Debra~ I am blonde too...well dirty blonde anyways! We actually gave the boys a choice...trick or treat or go to dad's game. I was suprised they didn't pick the game, but it's all about the candy...isn't it?! :)

Davisix said...

YEAY Wildcats! :) Love your thinking about the Halloween thing...tooth decay and all....cracked me up! Ang

He And Me + 3 said...

What a night for you all! Looks and sounds like everyone had a blast and all were safe. Great job Wildcats.

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Crazy and Wild...just the way I like my boys..oh wait, we don't get a choice on that do we!!! Looks like so much fun and man does it look warmer there than in Minnesota!

Lisa said...

Go Wildcats--nothing beats a good win not even halloween--that is the hockey mom in me talking. The boys are cute and so scary... Tell Sharpey she is adorable I love that girl, even in Suite Life.