Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Colin as the Red NinjaBrendan as a Zombie Skeleton

Red Ninja (Colin), Grandma, Sharpey (Kennedy), Zombie Skeleton (Brendan) & GrandpaWhat fun, what fun!! dress up and then beg for candy at a stranger's house. Isn't it ironic that 364 days a year, I remind my boys daily not to talk to strangers, go to somebodies house that I don't know and heaven forbid, take candy from strangers!! But on this one fun night, we get to break all the rules, so we can break the bank fixing all the tooth decay! Oh well, it is all in good fun, right?!! So we got home from school, hung out, ate spaghetti and then hurried into our costumes; Brendan a zombie skeleton; Colin, a red ninja; and my niece Kennedy, Sharpey from HSM! With next door neighbors, grandma, Aunt Jennifer and puppy Ellie in tow, we headed out for our adventure. We treated at all the lit houses and then headed home to check out our loot. I hope you enjoy the pics as much as I enjoyed watching my boys have tons of fun. The only sad part of the night was that Ryan missed his first Halloween. His football team had a game vs. Kingman and it was away (3 and a half hrs away). As I type this, the latest update I had was WCHS was winning at the half, 34-0. Way to go Wildcats!Mom and her 2 boys

Look at all this Loot!

**Update...I just got a text from Ryan as I was posting, and WCHS beat Kingman 48-7! Way to go Wildcats! The only down side to this awesome victory is the long drive home. At least the booster club is buying them pizza for the trip!**

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Masquerade Bingo...BINGO!!

Tonight, one of the neighborhood schools held a Masquerade Bingo. It was up and get 1 bingo card, show up in costume, get another bingo card, bring canned food for the food drive, get a third bingo card. So... we got to dress up, feed the hungry and play bingo. What more could we ask for on a Thursday night! Happy Halloween's Eve!!
Posing in our costumes with friends Katie (Leopard) and Dylan (Werewolf) along with Brendan (Zombie) and Colin (Ninja).

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Book Reports by Brendan!

So now that Brendan is in the 3rd grade, his work load has become a lot more! Every month his teacher assigns the class a different kind of book report with a different kind of genre. Thanks to me (and not his dad!!), Brendan loves to read; so these book reports have become a mom son thing and are lots of fun. His September report was a cereal box report with the genre of realistic fiction. He chose, of course, a football themed book called The Longarmed Quarterback. We had lots of fun coming up with a cereally name and decorating the front of the box and then coming up with a cross word puzzle for the back of the box. The sides and top of the box contained all the information that a traditional book report would contain. So his cereal was called Football Crunch and was a mix oat crunchies with mini marshmallow shaped footballs. There was even a mini prize football inside (not really, but he sure did want to put one in the box!) He aced his report with a 50/50! He was so excited...So that brings us to Octobers book report. He had to read a science fiction book and then make a story skeleton using different elements from the book. He chose a Magic School Bus chapter book about Ms. Frizzle and her class exploring the ocean and all things underwater! He had so much fun putting this together. It is due tomorrow (and because he is such a teacher's pet, he just had to turn it in today!) so hopefully he will do as well on it as his cereal box report. Can I get a shout out for teachers...especially Ms. Leslie. Man, does she come up with the coolest activities!

October's Story Skeleton Book Report

Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday is a Funday!

Mondays we have early release, which means the kids get out of school an hour early, while the teachers spend countless hours in meaningless meetings (whoops, did that just come out of my mouth...I am a kindergarten teacher in the district you know; so what I meant to say was very interesting and helpful meetings that keep us until way past the dinner hour!). But since I am still home on medical leave due to my surgery, we headed to the park with good friends Terrell and Taliyah. Mom Kari and I sat and chatted while the kids played football and on the jungle gym. I love living in Arizona at this time of year...the weather is beautiful and great for playing outside with good friends.

Not Me Monday!

OK, so this is my 1st "Not Me!" Monday...bear with me!!
Up front and honest...Here it goes!
1. It certainly wasn't me that cleaned my house just because my parents came back into town.
The Lord knows that cleanliness is next to Godliness!
2. And it was not me that made the McCraken boys clean the toilets because I just couldn't do it (or plain just didn't WANT to do it!)!
3. It was not me that washed and folded the boys laundry and then left it sitting in the basket for an entire week, making them scrounge through it looking for school clothes every morning.
Heck no, a good mother would put those clothes away as soon as they were folded!
4. It could not have been me that bought our Halloween pumpkins at WalMart because I was too lazy to go the the pumpkin patch. I have way more spirit than that!
OK, that is all I have, or all I can remember for this week. Hope you enjoy my "Not Me's!"
To join the fun visit MCKMama's blog.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Welcome Back Grandma & Grandpa!

My parents have the best of both worlds! Six months of the year they live in Michigan and the other six months they live in Arizona. They live in AZ during the winter months when it is too cold in Michigan and they live in MI during the summer when it is too hot in Arizona! Must be nice! But we are soooo very excited to have them back for the winter. Colin has been waiting to see them since my mom flew back to MI after my surgery. Every day he would ask, "When is grandma coming back?" and everyday I would answer, "October 26"! So after they unloaded their car and unpacked some of their things, over they came for big hugs and kisses from us all! My sister Jennifer and niece Kennedy, along with new puppy Elli, also joined in on the madness. We enjoyed pizza, laughs, and company. We are so glad you are back!

Colin, Kennedy, Brendan & Ellie

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My First Blogging Award! I'm So Honored!

Thanks to my good friend MiMi who gave me my first blogging award! And to think, I was scared to even start one :). OK so the 4 rules of this award are to 1. post on the person's blog that gave me the award; check! 2. Mention the blog that gave it to me; He & Me + 3 gave me this wonderful award; check! 3. Share 6 values that are important to me (see below); check! and 4. Share 6 things I do not support (see below); check! And then I am supposed to pass it on to 6 other Kreativ Bloggers, but since I am so new at this, I am not going to name names, but give it to anyone who visits and comments on my posts!! Happy Blogging!
And thanks again MiMi!

6 Values That Are Important To Me
1. Honesty
2. Sincerity
3. My Faith
4. My Family
5. My Friends
6. Compassion
6 Things I Do Not Support
1. Lying
2. Cheating
3. Bullies
4. Meanness
5. Disrespect
6. Tattling

Super Saturday

Daddy & boys after the victory!

Wildcats singing the fight song!

Daddy & Colin on their way to the game~ Go Coyotes!

Brendan #75

Colin #60

So today we were up at the butt crack of dawn for yet another football game! The boys had a game at 8am and the players and cheerleaders have to be there an hour and a half BEFORE game time, so needless to say we were up at 5am and left the house at 5:35am to be to the field by 6:30am. The Cobras were out played by the Colts to a devastating loss of 6-0. The boys had a great game, but were glad when the final whistle blew and we could head home to take naps! We had a very lazy afternoon and then Ryan and Colin took off for a Coyotes Hockey game. Good fun, those hockey games! Go Coyotes! Oh and as for last night's homecoming game, the Wildcats came out victorious against the Monsoon, 42-14. Way to go WCHS!! (and to the husband that ate 25 or more wings at the coaches victory party after the game!)

Friday, October 24, 2008

It's Homecoming! Go WCHS!

So today is the 2nd day of blogging for this blog virgin! It is Friday Whaa Whoo! and the boys have a half day. Since I am not at work, everyone has been helping out getting the boys to and from school for me. They are awesome. (Thanks Bryce and Jennifer!). Tonight is a very exciting football game. As all of you may know, Ryan coaches varsity football for one of the local high schools, can I get a shout out for the Wildcats! GO WCHS! and tonight is their homecoming game against their in-district rivals, Valley Vista Monsoon. We are very excited about tonight! As well as being excited, it is also a bitter sweet night. You see, last years homecoming king and varsity football player, Justin, just lost his mom to breast cancer last week. It has been a short, hard battle but she went to our Heavenly Father on Tuesday 10/14. So in honor of Justin and memory of his mom, all the football players (I am so proud of them) are wearing a breast cancer sticker on their helmet tonight and all the coaches and wives are wearing pink ribbons. So please say a prayer for all those that are struggling or lost their struggle to this nasty disease. But on a happy ending note....GO WILDCATS!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Welcome to the Blog

OK , so this is my first blog, so please bear with me! I am doing this for all of my friends and family (especially MiMi, maybe she will stop bugging me now!) who do not have the luxury of seeing my beautiful face (whatever) or hearing my soothing voice (ear piercing shrill is more like it) on a daily basis! It has been a very hectic as well as slow moving (is that possible) last month. Most of you know, but I had surgery on September 30. It was supposed to be an in and out procedure, but my body had other things in mind and I ended up having a hysterectomy. Yes at 35, I am now a mature woman! I have been off of work for the past 4 weeks and have 4 more to go. There are days that I am happy as a clam and other days that I am bored out of my gourd. What to do? So I decided to start a McCraken Family Bog. Welcome to the madness!