Monday, January 9, 2012

Project 365 ~ Happy New Year!

A picture a day for 365 days...a year's worth of fun!

Sunday ~ 1/365
Sunday January 1, 2012

We headed to Grandma & Grandpa's house this morning for a yummy New Year's breakfast...Belgian Waffles!

Monday January 2, 2012

What a YUMMY way to start off 2012...We scream for Ice Cream!! Gotta love 70* days in January!!

Tonight brought us to the first basketball practice of the season...and here we go!


Tuesday January 3, 2012

Tuesday was a S.U.P.E.R. lazy day...we cleaned up around the house to get ready for Gramma's visit and just hung around in our jammies all day! Colin wasn't feeling so hot either so he camped out on the couch sleeping, resting, watching TV and reading!

Tuesday night brought us to SUGAR BOWL time...Michigan Wolverines vs. Virginia Tech Hokies. I snapped this pic of the coin flip on TV because my FIL was on the field representing UM; he was just inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame last month in New York. The Wolverines beat the Hokies in an OT win...GO BLUE!!

Wednesday January 4, 2012

Wednesday afternoon we met long lost friends at the bowling alley for some friendly games on the lanes! All of the boys played football for the same team once upon a time, until we all went our own moved out of state, one moved up in the division and my boys stayed down a level. It was a fun afternoon filled with lots of laughter and catching up!

Thursday January 5, 2012

Thursday we went to the Wildlife Zoo & Aquarium with Gramma; who is visiting from Michigan. It was a beautiful day to visit with the animals! Above they are watching some Monkeys monkey around!

Colin feeding the giraffes at the giraffe house! (this is my fav part of the zoo!)

After walking around we went to lunch...the boys posing with Gramma after a yummy meal at the aquarium.

Friday January 6, 2012

Colin's yearly EEG was Friday morning at Phoenix Children's Hospital. He had to be sleep deprived meaning he, well WE, were up until midnight the night before and up at 4am before his appointment. We had to be at the hospital by 7:30am for his 8am test. (we find out his results next Friday when we meet with his neurologist). The rest of the day we chilled out with gramma; until it was time for basketball practice and then pizza for dinner!


Saturday January 7, 2012

Saturday was our final day with Gramma so we headed out to lunch then to play some BINGO to support the American Cancer Society.

After lunch & BINGO we came home to hang out and have some family time chilling out playing Quelf, watching TV (football of course!), laughing and playing...trying to squeeze out every last minute of fun with Gramma before she heads back to Michigan in the morning.

Join in with Sara...It's not to late to join the fun!
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RaD said...

Ooooo... Is that a cranium type game? Looks like fun!

My daughter would be sooo jealous if she were to see your boy feeding the giraffe. Giraffes are her favorite animal.

Stacy said...

I know everyone had a great time while gramma was there. Can i just say Gramma looks really young!

We should have went to the zoo when we had a warm spell,but we didn't.

The Bug said...

Looks like you had a great week. I would really like to eat some waffles right now :)

I agree with the young Gramma comment!

He & Me + 3 said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful time while Gramma. Where was Lloyd? Colin looks so pitiful with that thing on his head during his test, but just like Colin to smile through it all. He is such a good boy. Love the giraffe picture.