Sunday, January 22, 2012

Project 365 ~ Week 3

A picture a day for 365 days...a year's worth of fun!

Sunday ~ 15/365
Sunday January 15, 2012 new favoritest addiction...PINTEREST...can I just's everything I didn't know I needed to, projects, school stuff...anything and everything!

Well I found it this weekend and that is where I was ALL weekend!!

I couldn't stop myself...I tried to stop...honestly...I DID...but it just kept sucking me back in!

With an extra day off for MLKjr Day I had to try out some new recipes...3 to be exact! Sunday morning I made a breakfast was yummy but would have been even yummier if I would have had the bacon that was called time!

Recipe #2....crescent s'mores...oh my yumminess...the boys LOVED these!

Recipe #3 I tried on Monday afternoon...did I mention how much I am loving my new addiction?!!

Monday January 16, 2012

Monday morning found Brendan and me at the dr. He has been complaining for a while now that his feet have been hurting me. I know I should have taken him, oh I don't know, a year ago when they started hurting, but I am the kind of mom who is're ok, walk it off!! And I was RIGHT!! $25 later the dr confirmed my guess all along...growing pains. Sadly Brendan has to play and live with the pain or stop playing...I am sure you can guess what his answer to that was! He is just too pointy, big, gangily, and gawky for his own good...but he should grow into it soon!

Recipe #3 brought out my much loved red mixer for Krispy Kreme Donut Muffins. So very easy to make. Although I was a bit disappointed that they actually were not indeed Krispy Kreme donuts they were still pretty yummy...right down to the glaze!

These bad boys were taking into school on Tuesday...I didn't lose all that weight for nothing!!


Tuesday January 17, 2012 Tuesday brings us back to school after a lovely 3 day weekend. We are learning about weather in science and literacy, so today we ventured outside to read the story 'What Will the Weather be Like Today?'. After reading the story we brainstormed what our weather was like and then the class was able to draw and write about it in our school's courtyard.

Wednesday January 18, 2012

I have been really good at making dinner every night since the new year. I even made it tonight...but something just wasn't right about it. Didn't taste good, I think it was the sauce (I made beef enchiladas) so we ended up ordering pizza. I went to pick it up, but it was sent out on delivery by mistake (which we NEVER do) and because we never have it delivered it was sent to the wrong address (our old address) and an hour later this is how we received it. Oh yea, we have a credit for the next time we want pizza!

Thursday January 19, 2012

Look what I received in the mail today...I heart the mailman! It was my MIL old phone, which she gave to me since she got the iPhone4. I am a little excited as I have a dinosaur phone. Now to just find the time to get to Verizon and have the number changed.

Friday January 20, 2012 Not gonna lie when I say I totally forgot to take a picture for my post on Friday so when I was down loading pictures the only ones I had were from my classroom. I decided to do some 'FUN' literacy centers today...yep I said the 'F' word...FUN! They had so much fun trying out some new (to them) games and were learning all the way!!


Saturday January 21, 2012

Basketball season week #2

I must say that I am LOVING that the boys are on the same team this much easier! They were up against a tough team this week and it quickly turned very aggressive. The boys powered on and the game ended in a tie...22-22.

Join in with Sara...It's not to late to join the fun!
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Stacy said...

Yea, Pinterest can/will suck you in like a black The recipes do look yummy:)

Glad you got a credit for your It must have gotten slid around a lot!

I use to have a BB you will love it:)

sara said...

great week!

Pinterest....what can I say, it's a love/hate relationship!!! so many great things though. I see so many things on there and think "duh. why didn't I think of that?!" :)

The Bug said...

You know, I've only pinned like TWO things on pinterest - I guess since I don't cook or craft & have more reading lined up than I can finish in a couple of months it's just not a big deal to me. And I confess - stories like yours make me cautious - I don't need ANOTHER excuse to hang out on the computer!

That said - YUM! Except for the part where I don't cook. I want to try all three of those recipes. Ha!


The muffins look so yummy. I know about the Pinterest hole...I get suched in too....I love it!

skoots1mom said...

so many fun things on pinterest...
have to limit my time, for sure.
loved this week's pics ;)

Kim said...

When I tell friends about Pinterest, I warn them that it is SOOOO ADDICTIVE. hahahaha I've backed off some, but still spend waaaay too much time on it :) When my computer was in the shop last week, the thing I missed most was not being able to pin pretty pictures. LOL

I haven't actually done much yet... just lots of inspiration. But I am working on a project. I'm making tons of fabric yoyo's and will mount them on a painted canvas for some interesting and COLORFUL wall art :)

Glad you could pull yourself away from Pinterest long enough to do P365! :)

Have a great week!

Jane Anne said...

I loved looking through your weekly photos! It seems I could have a comment for each thing. :)

I, too, love using Pinterest to find recipes to try.

Tonight's the first basketball game for two of my boys. Can't wait!

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RaD said...

No overtime in your boys' league, huh? If my son's league had that rule they would have ended in a tie 4 out of the 8 games they have played.

That pizza looks like the driver may have been doing some crazy things in his car before getting it to you.

He & Me + 3 said...

So much yummy food in this post. I am glad I found pinterest. It encourages me to try new things. Smashed and smooshed that pizza still looks delish. I cannot stop eating today. ugh.
We pulled out a win this past Saturday in BB. It was so awesome. R is loving coaching their teams.

Foursons said...

I am avoiding Pinterest like the Black Plague. I just don't need that addiction!!! But my oh my does that food look yummy.

Yay for the boys being back on the same team! I wish mine were a tiny bit closer in age so we could do that.

I love the school's courtyard!

rita said...

I was avoiding Pinterest too until today when my granddaughter invited me. We'll see.