Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lazy Weekend!

Well, after a long and candy-filled Friday, I was glad Saturday came slow and effortless! The 3 kids, (Brendan, Colin and cousin Kennedy) had a sleep over after their candy coma wore off. It was great fun. They camped out in the living room watching a movie until their eyes couldn't stay open! Puppy Ellie woke them up whining at the butt-crack of 6:15 am b/c she wanted to go out. But the funny thing about that dog take her out and she doesn't do her business; no she waits until she comes back inside and then finds the perfect spot inside my house. Oh yes, I found little presents all over from our Ellie.
Brendan, Colin & Ellie
Needless to say, I was not so sad when she had to go back to my sister's house. (even though she is the cutest thing ever!) So after all that fun, we sat down to a super yummy pancake breakfast! I am so loved when I break out the griddle and make a batch of banana pancakes, favorites all around! Notice the center piece!
After breakfast, grandma & grandpa picked up the 3 kids and headed to Kennedy's volleyball game. She is quite an accomplished player and her team won all 3 of their games! Way to go! While they were gone, Ryan and I got to be as lazy as we wanted to be, watching TV and taking naps and totally loving an afternoon with no kids! So the kids came home and we headed to church (we decided to go Sat night so we could go to the movies on Sunday morning). And then the kids spent the night at Grandma & Grandpa's! They had good fun camping out in the den on W. Arcadia! After the kids were safe & sound, Ryan went to dinner with some of the coaches and I went to a friend's house. On Sunday I was surprised to see 8:00 am on the clock when I rolled over. How excited was I, to have been able to sleep so late! I picked up the kids and grandma, and we headed over to Harkins for a 11:20 am showing of High School Musical 3!
What a great movie. But wouldn't you know that the ONE scene (the prom scene, where Troy & Gabriella waltz) I wanted to see, I missed. Thank you Brendan for picking that moment to have to go to the bathroom!! :) Movie over, Kennedy home and homework done, so now we are being lazy again, but hey, isn't that what weekends are for! Hoping you had a lazy weekend too!


Debra said...


Your centerpiece was awesome! And what I would give for a batch of those banana pancakes right now...I love breakfast for dinner! Yum!

What a lovely weekend. Happy Sunday to you my friend!

He And Me + 3 said...

Ok, yes...I would love to have a lazy weekend. Please...anytime! Nice post! HSM3, not my favorite of the three, but it was still good. Sounds like you are feeling much better these days. I am so glad! Love ya!

Davisix said...

Is that young man of yours wearing a #18 Peyton Manning jersey?!?! Oh, be still my heart. If it's not a Manning jersey, don't tell me.

I am loving the centerpiece! That cracked me up. The pancakes looked yummy! What a great weekend!

Oh, and I loved HSM3, not as much as the first two, but I still loved it. I heart Zac.

Lisa said...

Oh, I love pancakes!! That sounds great on this Monday morning. I love pancakes and I am obsessed with my griddle, but I hate cleaning it up afterwards. I also love the centerpiece (candy candy candy). YUMMY!!