Friday, November 6, 2009

Football Frenzy

I know my football frenzy post is a little late, but better late than never I always say!! Ryan finally got the computer up and on for longer than a nano second on Tuesday night, so I hurriedly uploaded all of my photos to get my posts done!! Yay! I was so excited! But enough chitter chatter...onto Football Frenzy...


The Wildcats were up against the tough team of Jaguars last Friday. I must say that this is my least favorite school to come to. I am not one to judge, but I just don't like the people there...they are kinda snobby and not very nice to the visiting team. Their team (or rumors of their team) pooped in the visiting team's (our) locker room before we got there as a kind of welcome present for our boys...wasn't that nice of them?! GROSS!!!

Well anywho...back to football...cuz it all about the's always about the football!!! Here is Ryan doing his coaching thing. He is on the right with the head coach Hud standing on the left. Not sure who the guy in the middle is!! (I think it is a player taking stats, but not sure)

Not sure how I captured this beauty...but I love it!

It is one of Ryan's players taking down the quarterback! You go boy!!!

Wildcat defense lined up on the ball

If you are on defense...always go where the ball is!

Unfortunately the mighty Wildcats were not so mighty...they were defeated by the Jaguars 40-22.
It was a sad night that made our Wildcats 4-5. The only way that they will now make the playoffs is if they win tonight and 2 other teams lose. But I am not sure I want to go to playoffs you see...because if we go to playoffs then we will probably play the best team in the state and really, what's the point of that?!

So tonight is our last regular season game and it is away..I hope for the seniors sake that they win their last high school game.



-stephanie- said...

After reading about the pooping incident, I was hoping that your team would have won. Better luck with tonight's game.

Darcie said...

Here is crosssing my fingers for a win for their last game this season! Go Wildcats!!!

Carin said...

such exciting times! Good luck on tonights game. I hope you all win for the seniors!! Have fun tonight!

He & Me + 3 said...

I hope that they win too. That is always a great way for the seniors to end the season.

Alicia said...

OH man!!! If you play them again, I hope you beat them!!!