Monday, November 9, 2009

Football Frenzy...The Last of the Season

This is my last Football Frenzy post of the season...tear...
This past weekend was the last football weekend of the season for the McCraken house. It is a bittersweet time, as I am relieved to have more time, but sad that I will have more time! I can't imagine my life without football in it, so it will be missed until next season! With that said...on with football...

Friday night WCHS played at DVHS against the Sky Hawks for their season closer. This was the most pumped up I have seen the team all season...they were ready to play some football.

For the National Anthem, the Nation Guard presented the colors...AWESOME...The Wildcats pumped up for the game...
The captains out for the coin toss for the last time

One of Ryan's guys taking down the quarterback...again!

Ryan's defense on the field

Ryan doing his coaching thing

Defense firing off of the line

And the Wildcats bring home a V.I.C.T.O.R.Y beating the Sky Hawks 28-12!!!
It was an awesome last game and I am so proud of the players and coaches!
What a way to end the season!!!
Last hand shakes of the season
We actually did make make it into the play-offs only to be pushed back out again for league see the AZ high school football rule is that all league champs, regardless of their season record, go to the play-offs. Well we were #16 seed in the bracket, but a league champ, with the record of 4-6, pushed us out because of their league title; it might not be fair, but it's the rules, so they are in and we are out. Our boys finished with a record of 5-5, but it is probably better this way, since we would have had to play the best team in the state and what fun would have that been to lose to them again!! So this way, our boys go out on a win and we are all happy!!

Singing the school fight song after the big win

Ryan and the boys after the win

Ryan and head coach, Hud, after the game
What a fun game...and that is the end of the Wildcat season!
Way to go had a great season!

Onto Saturday...
This was the Cobra's last game of the season, their 'bowl game'.
We were up against an undefeated team that was rumored to be pretty tough.
Here are the boys walking to the field

Cobras vs. Suns

Let the game begin...
Brendan is to the right of the kicker

With our team being a little bit older this season, the coaches have been trying to mix it up a little bit with the plays. They have really been working on their passing game!

Right after Colin snapped the ball

Brendan checking with Colin about the play they are about to run

Brendan taking down the quarterback. Both boys had an outstanding game. Colin even forced a fumble. Great job boys!

And even though the coaches said this was their best game of the season, the Cobras were defeated by the Suns with a score of 0-20.

Great game Cobras!

The sadness for the boys' does not last too long...they just love to play!
And because this was the last game and a bowl game, all of the players and cheerleaders received a participation medal.
And with that, our football season has come to an end!
Yesterday all the equipment was cleaned and handed back in; the bags and cleats were put away until next season, and all of the grass was vacuumed up from my foyer!!
The Cobras will have their end of season banquet on 12/5/09 and Ryan's football banquet will be 1/16/10.

What ever will I do with all of my free time???!!!
Until January that is...that's when basketball season starts!!


Stacy said...

I know you love it but it has to be nice knowing you have a little break:)

E @ Scottsville said...

I'm so glad to hear that the Wildcats won their final game. That stinks that they don't get to move on, but you're right... it may be for the best. Leave on a HIGH instead of on a low.

I'm glad the Cobras had a great game even if it wasn't a win. The boys look happy anyway! Great for them!

Our first playoff game is on Saturday afternoon. I know you're one of the few who "gets" my excitement! NERVOUS excitement!!!

He & Me + 3 said...

Atleast you get a break of sorts. Great job to all your boys. THAt is great that Ryan's team won the final game. What a way for the seniors to go out. Great pictures. THe boys uniforms photograph so well.

Carin said...

Way to go Wildcats on the last game! that's the way to end the season. Looks like the younger boys had fun and still played an awesome game!

Jane Anne said...

You are such a great team photographer! I love the one of your husband with the boys.

Jules said...

Football season rocks!

Alicia said...

Aww! What a bittersweet time!! We're always burnt out after soccer, but I can imagine football!

Now you can focus on the holidays. LOL

christy rose said...

Yeah for the Wildcats and the Cobras!! They had great seasons! Enjoy your short break!! Basketball season will definitely be hear before you know it!! :)

Darcie said...

What a wrap up! Congrats to the Wildcats on their win! The boys looked excitecd about their medals...they had a great season...all of them!

Five Moms & A Blog said...

Wow, I haven't been to a football game in years but it looks like y'all had a great night and a win!

Congrats and hang on until next year!

~ Nan