Saturday, November 7, 2009

I'm Gonna Miss This...Halloween Fun

Pam over at Your Gonna Miss This is the hostess of this weekly meme that helps you to remember and cherish the little things in life!
Last Saturday was Halloween. I told my boys that I WAS NOT buying costumes this year, so it was up to them to get creative with the things they could find around the house. At first Brendan said that he didn't even want to go...gasp...what?! But it was his choice, so I didn't push the subject except to give him a few costume about a football player, baseball player, nerd, doctor, old man, old lady, cheerleader????? All were shot down except the doctor. Something about wearing daddy's old scrubs intrigued the boy!! But he didn't want to be just an ordinary doctor..."Mom can I be a dead doctor?" morbid! But it's just in fun and I must say I think he turned out kinda cute! And it wasn't until Saturday afternoon that Colin decided to be a baseball player! He wore his uniform from last season. And for whatever reason they both decided that they could not smile for any pics...reason being Brendan be dead and Colin be tough of course!!

We went to our church's trunk or treat this year and they had lots of fun! Our neighbors joined us too! Kenny was an alive doctor and Stephanie was Wonder Woman! I had so much fun passing out candy and being able to see all of the costumes! Usually I am the one to walk the boys around, but since we were in a safe place and they were with friends, we let them walk around by themselves! There was costume contests, car decorating contest, best Pastor Lee look alike and lots and lots of candy! I actually ran out of candy (had 2 ginormous bags from Sam's Club) so the boys went through there loot to share the candy that they were not fond of! They are just too sweet!

Of course that didn't even make a dent into what they brought home!!!Good thing they just saw the dentist!!!

One day they are just going to be to old to dress up and beg for candy (I almost thought it might have been this year), but for now I will take pictures of their craziness and let them eat too much candy one night a year!

What are you going to miss? Visit Pam and let her know!


Carrie said...

The costumes turned out great! So glad they decided to go one more year. Sounds like a great time and so funny that they didn't smile! They are tough...but I love the last picture of them...they are so sweet ;)

Alex had to go to the dentist the week after Halloween...but luckily still no cavities! whew! Fun pictures!

He & Me + 3 said...

you know I love the costumes. How great to spend zero for costumes. Gotta love free:) What a fun night for them being so independent too.

christy rose said...

Look at all that candy!! And, did I see some bags of chips! Did people actually pass out chips to the kids? What did they think about that! My daughter Olivia would have liked that! She prefers salty over sweet stuff! To each his own, i guess. haha
All of their costumes are great!

Leigh said...

This is an "I'm gonna miss this" moment for me too. I have enjoyed the past years of us getting together and taking the kids around the neighborhood and thoroughly enjoyed our fun at the church, but I am so wistful that this moment is passing!

Oh, and I missed your parents! It wasn't the same without them!

Jules said...

I do miss that with my kids. It has been many years around here with no costumes and trick or treating. I have my granddaughter to have fun with for Halloween.

Stacy said...

So he did finally dress up???

They may say they are too old but they can't pass up that candy:)

I think I might do the free thing next year!

-stephanie- said...

Great haul! Costumes turned out great.

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Those were very good pull together costumes..I might do that next year!! ;) Great pics too....SMILING in the candy pic tho LOL!

The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

How fun! Looks like they had a great time!
The costumes are great!!

Pam said...

what creative costumes!! I read in the paper about a dentist that lets kids turn in their trick or treat candy for $1 a pound of candy. that sure wouldn't be enough money for me to give up my candy!! LOL!!

Alicia said...

How funny, my 9 year old went as a doctor too (but a living one)

They looked really good!!!