Friday, January 21, 2011

On the Courts...

...and so it begins...
This is the year...the year that I dread! My boys are close in age...13 months apart (yes, God thought it funny to give me 2 babies so close in age!) this is the year where they are NOT on the same teams...Brendan is considered 11 years old (because of the cut off date) and Colin is still 9 (because of the cut off date)...too far apart means 2 different teams.
I am lucky enough, however, to have found an amazing coach (also with 2 sons and the same problem) who coaches not one but BOTH of their teams! So with this being the case, they practice at the same time and there are NO games that conflict! {thank goodness}
Colin is a Maroon Demon on the 9-10 yr old team
Here is the first line to take the floor this past Saturday at their first game.

{apparently Colin did not get the memo to wear black shorts!}

Colin making a basket (first of a few!)
And another 2 points...count it good!

taking it down the court...he is the biggest kid on the team and one of the fastest!

playing some defense

{do you see the size of that kid on Colin...WOW!}

not gonna make that shot!

Some of the older brothers from Coach Randy's other team {brendan is the on the far left} watching the younger team play their game

And the Demons bring home their first

Game 2...same day...different time...different school

Brendan is a Yellow Scorpion on the 11-12 year old team

Getting ready to inbound the serious!

Taking the ugly release, but amazingly he made this shot!

count it for 2!

and now some time for a little offense

...and a little defense...

Encouraging good sportsmanship...gotta love it!

good game, good game, good game, good game

And the Scorpions bring home their first

Great Job McCraken Boys...way to start off your basketball season!


lifeasyouliveit said...

looks like they're havin' fun! good job on your wins boys!

Stephanie said...

That's crazy when you have separate schedules to keep for both of them. Lucas and Jacob aren't ever close enough to be on the same team but last season their baseball schedules conflicted on a weekly basis - it was so difficult to get them both to where they needed to go and I'll admit there were a couple of times we didn't.

Congrats on their first wins - you got some great shots! I have a hard time taking pictures in the gym.

-stephanie- said...

I always love your play by plays.

Great job guys. Go teams!

Tiffany said...

Oh man didn't you guys just get done with football season? Wow. I can't even imagine keeping up with all those schedules. Great job Mom - loved the photos!

RaD said...

So cool they won those first games. My son's team has been the team to beat in it's league. Too bad we weren't around for most of it. He's lovin' what time he does have though.

Can't wait to see next week's results.

Foursons said...

Oh what a blessing for them to have the same coach w/kids the same age! I'm sure that has taken enormous stress of you.

Congrats on the wins, your kids are definitely athletes.

Bridget said...

Love basketball and love the pictures! Our basketball season is about to end, and I'm going to miss the games.