Friday, February 4, 2011

On The Courts...

Saturday January 30, 2011
Game 3

This was a great week as both boys played back to back at the same nice and easy!
Brendan was up first
At the start of every 5 minute rotation, each player is matched up with a player from the opposing team...this is their man...the man they defend; and they always shake hands before play begins.

Brendan playing a little offense
He has really improved his bball skills in the last 4 weeks...I am really impressed with his ball handling skills, his shooting skills and all over his team skills.

Time out...Time to shout...Talk it over...Work it out!

more offense

Free throws...he practices these all the time

Yellow Scorpions bring home a

Way to go boys...3-0...

Next up...Colin and the Maroon Demons
With Colin being the tallest/biggest player on the team, he is the one that does the jump ball
Jump Ball...get it...get it...
Jump ball...get that ball...

And he does!! Way to go Colin!

Colin shooting for 2 on offense

getting a little sidelines coaching from the coach

stealing the ball and taking it down the court

Colin playing a little defense...hands up...that is the first thing they teach'em!
...another steal on defense...

Sadly the Demons were out played again this week bringing home another loss...
Demons season 1-2
...that's ok boys...
get'em next time!



RaD said...

Your boys are gonna love that you documented every game like this when they get older (if they don't already). I'm gonna try to be a little more intentional on blogging like this for the upcoming baseball/softball season. Wish me luck!

Tiffany said...

I couldn't help but feel the excitement in your post...whewww! :) Congratulations to both boys, even though Collin didn't win:( - maybe next time!

The Bug said...

I guess it's because you & Ryan are tall, but I don't really how TALL your boys are until I see them with other boys there age. You guys are raising some athletes, aren't you? And they're pretty bright too - good job Mom!

Bridget said...

Lovin' your basketball pictures!

He & Me + 3 said...

Omgosh....the boys are getting so huge. Really. Tell them to stop growing. Their legs are so long. I think they are going to pass Ryan up soon.
Yeah for Bren and sad for Colin's team. Great job on the court boys!