Sunday, February 13, 2011

Project 365

A picture a day for 365 days...a year's worth of fun!

Here is the grid that I played...I had REALLY great numbers..but sadly did not win any quarters! Oh well. We spent the game at WCHS's head coach's house with his family...very low key, but still fun!

Monday~39/365 Brendan has found this super fun NLF Kids site that he has joined. Lots of games and interaction...kinda like Webkins but for older boys! He has lots of fun playing on it during his computer time!

Tuesday~40/365 As I was making lunches and getting ready for the school day, I glanced over at the kitchen table and this is what I sweet Colin Boy reading my Bible.

Wednesday~41/365These were my BEST friends this week...I have had SO much sickness both at school and at home that I have been using them like water cleaning's hoping they work and get the yuckies outta here!

Thursday~42/365 I was a little late I guess getting the germies outta my house...Colin Boy woke up Thursday not feeling at all well. And since I was not ready for a sub at school, we all had to go in for least half a day. Thank goodness for great friends; Tiff came to the rescue and picked him up from school around 10am to bring him home until I could get there at noon. He slept most of the day and when I checked on him this was the sad pouty look he was sporting in his sleep!

Friday~43/365 We have finally come out of the dark ages and into the 21st century with DVR!! I am very excited to learn how to use it...this means I can see my fav shows that I miss because of the boys and their sports!!

Saturday~44/365 Well...I finally did it. I didn't think I was ready to do it, but someone at school asked me what I was gonna do with my old clothes. I have lost over 55 lbs and gone down 6 sizes...but I wasn't ready to clean my closet out yet...that is until someone at school was in need. I packed up a big box of my old clothes to give her...and now my closet is bare. I'm not gonna was really hard...they were my safety net...the what if is in the back of my mind...what if I go back...what if I need those clothes...I have to learn to let go and give it to I it ALL TO GOD...but it's hard.

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sara said...

oh my gosh, so proud of you!!! 55lbs is awesome!!!!

hope the sickness didn't spread to anyone else and that your son is better now!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on losing 55 lbs! That is awesome. - so I am tying here and I look down at the word verification it is "colin"

He & Me + 3 said...

Glad that Colin is feeling better. Keep those clorox wipes handy at school...those kinders are so germy. Maybe that is why I got out of teaching. LOL I kid!
Way to go on cleaning out the closet. IT will fill up fast with new smaller clothes. Keep your eyes peeled for the deals :)
Love seeing my boy reading the bible.

Bridget said...

After my first heart surgery I got rid of all the shirts and outfits that didn't cover my scar (three garbage bags of clothes ended up being donated to the Salvation Army). It was tough, but I feel like it was part of my emotional healing process. So glad you found a great use for your clothes, now go get some cute smaller ones, girl! Congratulations on all the weight you've lost!!
Hope Colin feels better and doesn't share the sickies with anyone ;)

-stephanie- said...

Good for you for letting the old clothes go. That's a big step.

My girls have the sickies now. No fun.

Foursons said...

Good for you for giving that woman all of your clothes. I have no doubt that you will maintain this weight loss. You didn't do it w/"magic pills" or some starvation diet. You did it the right way and so it is completely maintainable. (Is that a word?)

I love that Colin was reading your bible. You are doing a good job!

I only lost 1 lb last week. :( I'm trying to be happy w/that considering I spent two days either on my couch staring at the TV or in bed sleeping/napping. I'm going to try to add in exercise this week. I just picked up about 10 shovels full of dog poop. (I know- totally disgusting that we let it go for so long)That should count as exercise right?

Jenilee said...

oh, aren't clorox wipes the best?? I just love them for everything!1

The Bug said...

Great job on letting those clothes go - I think that will be your incentive to keep the weight off :)

Tiffany said...

I have to say that I can hardly wait to give some clothes attachment to these clothes at all. I do find shopping absolutely NO FUN right now b/c I'm not sure what size I want to be in. Hope Colin is feeling better and you guys have a wonderful week:)

RaD said...

Awww... He looked sick in his sleep, such a cute face though!

Way to go 55lbs! You have a reason to keep it off now, so look forward not back!

Anonymous said...

Great job on losing 55, Iam stuck on 20, but you were smart to give the clothes away, or they would be there if you slipp, now you won't be temped.
Hope Colin is better, now I have it.Love you and miss you.
Loive Aunt Judy

Lisa said...

Wonderful news on the weight loss, those same thoughts would be in the back of my mind too. I know how you feel. Just keep up the good work and buy some new clothes.
Wonderful to see your boy reading the Bible...awesome.

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

now that is a really good reason to clean out a closet! congrats to you. hope the illness is over and stays away

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

WOW! Huge accomplishment loosing 55 pounds, totally jealous as well. It is so hard to to...KUDOS to you!

Great week!


Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Oh and watching out children follow us in our faith walk, there is nothing better.

Jen said...

My kids think we are the only family in the world without DVR.
Can you share the name of the NFL website. I think my son would love it..and I am getting tired of Madden Football on the Wii.
My son has been reading a Psalm each night before bed...on his own. Im trying not to show my excitment too much (5th graders) but I am super excited.
Congrats on the pounds lost! I know you are feeling great!!!

Stacy said...

Wow Stacey, 55 lbs is AWESOME!!!!! We have been sick this week with the flu:(
Hope everyone stays well at your house.

Bits-n-Pieces said...

yaay for you, girlie!! are you following a weight loss plan, or just watching what you eat? Of course I'm sure you are working out or something. I always hate that part!

Mocha Momma said...

Hello Stephanie, how are you? Great Project 365 post. Sorry there's so much sickness at your place. Our school too. 5 or 6 out of AD Kindergarten each day this week. The teacher was sick last week. One 1st grade class had 10 out in one day 2 weeks ago.

Now my son is sick and is having asthma problems as a result. I welcome warmer weather and less sickness. Though the warmer weather brings out more allergies. Oh dear!

Good to see you again. Congrats on losing the weight & getting rid of your safety net. God bless ya.

Mocha Momma said...

Sorry Stacey. I didn't mean to call you Stephanie. It's been too long & it sounded right. Oops!