Saturday, February 19, 2011

On The Courts...

Saturday February 12, 2011
Game 5

Brendan's up first...
Getting ready to box out as his teammate Ray shoots his free throw

Brendan shoots for 2...look at that concentration!
...hand in the cookie jar!

Great save B...

This was probably the best game Brendan has played thus far...he was so aggressive, especially the last 5 minutes of the game..he was a monster...all over the court playing mean D and scoring the last 10 points of the game for the Scorpions.

Scorpions bring home another

...and then it was Colin's turn...

Colin on the bench before the start of the game

We didn't think Colin was going to be able to play this game as he had been sick most of the week and even missed practice (so we know he was sick!!), but after sitting the bench for a few substitutions, he asked to play!
touch on offense

Colin shooting his free throws
Colin had a pretty good game for as crappy as he felt...

...but sadly the Demons could not pull out a win with the final score

Better luck next week Demons

Scorpions 4-1
Demons 2-3

Let's get'em next week McCrakens'!!


Bridget said...

Glad the boys are having a good season. Ours has ended and I miss it :(

Tiffany said...

Good game guys!!! We didn't participate in Basketball this year, but after reading all your fun posts, I wish we would have:)

Foursons said...

Did Colin get a technical free throw? Are you surprised I know what that is? :D

Sorry to hear his team lost again, but it looks like he played a great game.

RaD said...

Some games you win, some games you lose. It looks like your boys are having fun and playing hard.

I showed my son the picture of Brenden and his perfect form. He said, "That's what I've gotta learn." So cute, but he's determined to be a better player before next season. He really didn't understand all of the game this season, it being his first one but really wants to learn. I thought that shot of your boy was a perfect one to show him. Thanks for sharing :)

Carol said...

So fun seeing your boys play basketball. Good for Colin for getting out there to play even though he hadn't been feeling well prior to the game.

Jen said...

If its not football's basketball! Busy sports and so much fun! Go getem next time!

He & Me + 3 said...

Those team names are definitely tough sounding names. Just realized. :). Poor Colin. Glad he is better though. Great job Bren!