Sunday, May 1, 2011

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Sunday April 24, 2011

Hope everyone had a Blessed Easter...Ours was wonderful!

The kids woke up to find Easter baskets and eggs all over!

After the hunts were over we sat down and read the story of Easter using our Resurrection Eggs. (which I happened to 're'find when we moved this past December)

And then it was time for church and family fun with lots of laughs and family pics...silly and serious of course.

(Kayla spent the day with her real mom, which was a good thing, although she was missed terribly!)


Monday April 25, 2011

Monday was a BIG day for Colin Boy...sending off his application for Camp Candlelight...a camp specifically for kids with epilepsy. Last year was his first time attending and he has been talking about going back since he came back! He is so very excited! He goes away for an entire week in June!


Tuesday April 26, 2011

Tuesday found us at the baseball field again, shocking, I know!, for yet another double header! Not a fun time...2 boys...2 games...2 losses...

Above is Colin behind the plate and below is Brendan on the mound


Wednesday April 27, 2011

Wednesday found me at school until after 7:30pm....I was working on my accountability Binder that is due this Wednesday but because of baseball games, today was the only day that I was able to stay late and finish the ENTIRE thing...such a pain, but had to be done.


Thursday April 28,2011 It FINALLY came...MY BIRTHDAY PRESENT FROM MY BFF MIMI!! I have been waiting for this thing for more than a week and it finally came! And I loved it all! Thanks Mimi xoxo

Colin had a baseball game tonight as well. I thought this was kind of a cool pic...Colin was waiting in the dugout for his turn at bat and I love the sun setting behind him. The game was MUCH better than Tuesday's game...the Cubs beat their opponent by the mercy rule (up by 12 runs) 15-3...Great Job Cubbies!


Friday April 29, 2011

I am not proud of my choice...BUT this was my breakfast on Friday morn...I HEART donuts and since losing all of my weight I have {almost} stopped eating yea...I said almost!!

One of my absolute fav books is The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Each year I do a book study on it with my kinders and incorporate the life cycle of the butterfly {science} as well as Days of the Week {math} into my Reading. The kids love it and we have so much fun. Here is our wall to show the sequence of the bright and cheery.

Brendan & the Cardinals had a game Friday night...which they here he is playing the field...this kid has the hardest time keeping his tongue in his mouth when he is needless to say with all of his games and testing this last month he has some major chapped lips. Way to go Cards on the W!


Saturday April 30, 2011 plan was to stay in my jammies ALL day long and watch my most favorite channels on TV...Bravo, Food Network, & TLC...yep but that didn't happen cuz I'm a mom and moms don't get that luxury...I had grocery shopping to do, dishes to wash, laundry to fold, kids to chauffeur and papers to grade. At least while I was grading I had the TV on! Oh well there's always next Saturday right??...or not!!

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Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

looks like a good week. love the dugout picture. Looks like you had some fun Easter time too.

sara said...

love your easter dress!!!

I think every kid should be able to go away to camp...what a great experience!!!

oh man, it's morning and that donut looks amazing and there is a donut shop on the way to church!!!

RaD said...

Uh sure, next Saturday... You keep telling yourself that, K?

I never thought much about it, but my boy focuses with his tongue too and quite frequently has chapped lips. :)

Fun pictures! I do like the dug out one.

Mimi said...

The donut really looks delicious and your board at school looks like a great lesson for the kids.

Have a great week,

Bridget said...

Cute Easter pictures! The chocolate eclair looks yummy! Looks like a great week.

momma frans said...

what a great week! I love the baseball pictures. and you look FABULOUS!

The Cyber Hermit said...

Easter pics are great - I love families that just look so comfortable during pictures :).

I hope Colin has a great time at camp and...the occasional donut is NEVER a bad thing!

He & Me + 3 said...

Did that donut have custard or cream in it? Just wondering. Mine always have custard...YUM! Love your dress. Super cute. So glad you finally got the box after two attempts. Sheesh. Love the picture of colin waiting in the dug out. Weird to see three Easter baskets but a good thing:) Glad you had a good week. Sorry that you didn't get to wear your pjs all day long. maybe one day this summer :)

Kim said...

YUM on the donut! Love the ones with the lemon filling!
Looks like a fun and BUSY week for y'all!
Happy the tides turned and the boys teams started winning -- nobody likes losing!
Have a great week!


Loved the photos. What a busy week...but then...when you have expect that...Hey...I don't have kids and it still happens here. Easter looked fun. I loved your dress, you looked very pretty in it.

Amy said...

Love that baseball!! That camp sounds wonderful and I hope he is able to participate again this summer. I heart donuts too...sigh.

The Bug said...

Yes, I'm focused on the donut - I would be going for the creme filling myself :)

You're still looking great - so obviously you make the right choice most of the time.

I got groceries on Saturday too - I don't understand why we can't just stop eating & using products altogether :)

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Oh, man. You can know, know, KNOW what all junk is in a donut. But it just doesn't change the fact that it tastes magnificent. :( I feel ya.

You look great, by the way!!!

LOVE your caterpillar wall. Fun, fun.

I totally remember grading papers with a colored marker!! I miss it sometimes. But not on Saturdays. :)