Sunday, May 15, 2011

Project 365

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Sunday May 8, 2011

Since Colin's birthday was a Tuesday this year and Ryan had spring football practice and the boys had their spring band concert that night we decided to have our family birthday dinner for him on Sunday...that means presents and cake!

Here he is opening up some presents...he got roller blades from grandma & grandpa, video games from gramma & papa and a whole mess of bey blades from us!

Getting ready to blow out his candles on his double chocolate cake...YUM!

And since it was Mother's Day as well...I needed a picture with all of my kids!


Monday May 9, 2011

Every Monday my mom comes to my class to volunteer. She was a great help this year and the kids adored her! Well this Monday was her last day as she will be outta town here is the class saying their good byes!! They almost knocked her over with this group hug! Thanks mom for all of your help this was greatly appreciated!!


Tuesday May 10, 2011 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY 10 YEAR OLD!!

Here he is enjoying a birthday doughnut on the way to school! They were also watching the movie Annie, which was another birthday present!

Here are the boys after their performance getting ready to listen to the honors band. They both did an amazing job!!

Wednesday May 11, 2011

Well it's official...I am transferring schools AND I am SO excited about it!

Wednesday after school, Colin and I headed to my new stomping grounds for a tour and for me to meet my new kinder team. While there, the principal took Colin on a tour of the campus and showed him his new room and gave him a school tattoo...from Jets to Hawks!


Thursday May 12,2011

Brendan's last book report of the year....a box report...his job was to read the book and then draw pictures with enough detail to retell the story. He got an A+...Great Job Bren!


Friday May 13, 2011

Friday I was able to chaperone Colin and the Jets Choir on a field trip! It was so much fun. Our school choir along with another school choir went to a senior living village to sing for the residents. They did such a great job! Above are the 2 groups singing We Are the World (which Colin had a solo!) and below is of me and my Colin Boy before we left to go back to school.


Saturday May 14, 2011

Most of Saturday I spent in my classroom packing up. Sadly it will be sitting in my garage until I can get into my new room at my new school....but not until the other teacher moves out. I am hoping to be able to move in the week after school gets at least get it out of my garage and the heat. Our last day of school is this Thursday May 19 and I have to have everything out by Friday afternoon...I got a lot done today but still have a lot more to do!!

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He & Me + 3 said...

Did I not see any baseball this week? Heart be still. So happy you all are going to the new school. That is awesome. I am sure you are looking forward to the coming year. Yah for my singing boy. Thanks for the picture text. Made my day. Have a great week. Jealous that you are almost done with school. Xoxo


What? No baseball this week? Congrats on the move...since I teach I understand that can be a wonderful things sometimes. Loved the kids activities and I am so glad you share them with us. I am glad our school is nearly over for sure. We have two more weeks...and three of those days are 1/2 days. Wooo Hooo

Foursons said...

Oh how I wish we were done this week! We have 10 more days. I can do it. I can do it. I can do it.

Looks like you had a great week. Are the boys doing sports this summer or are y'all taking some time off?

semperfi said...

Loved the box idea for the book report. Great job! I also love the picture of your sons listening to Annie, even though it is two boys, cute pic.

The Cyber Hermit said...

What great looking kids! I love the group hug too :).

Good luck on your new room and school!

skoots1mom said...

i like the idea of birthday donuts ;)
great kid shots
congrats on your job change
go hawks!

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

changing school is so much fun, but so much work. I hope you enjoy your new placement. looks like the boys had a good week.

RaD said...

It always amazes me how early your guys start school and how early you end. Then again when I lived in Oregon we were out of school before the end of May. It must be California schools that are the weird ones.

Glad to hear your new placement will be a good one.

lifeasyouliveit said...

oh yay! i didn't know you got a new job! yahooooo! which school is the hawks? so happy for you! miss you my friend!

Darcie said...

Summer break is getting so close I can smell it! ;-) Sounds like you have some exciting changes around the corner for you and this next school year. I think that is SOOOO great that your mom comes in and volunteers in your classroom.

The Bug said...

Your mom reminded me of MY mom getting that group hug. I'm missing her a lot these days.

I'm glad Colin had such a great week since it was his birthday. Your picture with all your kids is really good. I'm glad you've got a daughter for a while :)

Dee said...

These are so great!! YAY for getting everyone together for a shot!

Lisa said...

COngrats on the transfer...hope its a perfect fit for you.

How nice that your mom helps out in your room every week!

CT schools get out a full month later than you.