Sunday, May 22, 2011

Project 365

A picture a day for 365 days...a year's worth of fun!

Sunday May 15, 2011
When I woke up this morning this is what I found in the living room...Brendan on the computer!


Monday May 16, 2011

Today starts the last week of our school year. Above is another volunteer, Ms. Jan, reading one of her fav stories to the class and as a good bye present she donated the book and coyote to my library...Thanks Ms. Jan for all of your hard work and are greatly appreciated!!


Tuesday May 17, 2011Months ago Colin threw this sticky man to our very high ceiling...AND it's STILL there!! We have been waiting for it to fall, but to no avail it's still hanging around!

Wednesday May 18, 2011

Wednesday was graduation day in our district. They rent out The University of Phoenix Stadium (where the AZ Cards play football) and hold all of the high schools graduations there. There were 3 staggered ceremonies and this year Ryan's school's, WCHS, was the last one starting at 7pm. This year the admin asked Ryan to be a name reader...ooooohhhhh...big time! He had to read 225 names and did amazing! He was able to wear his robe and masters hood as well.

Thursday May 19,2011
Ryan and the kids before they left in the AM
Kayla is now a sophomore
Brendan is a 6th grader
Colin is a 5th grader

The last day the boys are year they will be Hawks...we are all very excited about the move!


Friday May 20, 2011

No kids today...teacher work day.
For me...packing and moving day!
I was the first teacher to have this room...the building is only 3 years old...I loved that room!

Here is a pic of me and Hoj, one of our PE teachers who is moving back to MI...he will be missed!

Saturday May 21, 2011
SOOOO...I am trying to figure out how to down load my pictures from my camera to my external hard drive using a new school laptop....I am tired of trying so I am gonna publish this without my Sat pic...but will continue to work at it and hopefully next week I will be able to publish my 365 post with this day and the entire next week!
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Bridget said...

Great pictures this week! YAY for the kids being out of school. Ours get out in a week and a half, and then we are through in three weeks. Then we can do the summer happy dance here!

sara said...

I always thought that had to be hard for teachers to have to tear down their rooms each year and then set them up again at the end of summer...seems like a lot of work!!!

Jared has his finals this week and then he is done...woo hoo!!!

no baseball pics this week?!

RaD said...

Are ya'll moving to another school because you moved to another distict?

Lucky, lucky being out of school already. My kids have three weeks to go.

He & Me + 3 said...

I love the boys jumping picture. You look cute in your superwoman shirt. Your classroom is so big...compared to our classes. Hope that you are enjoying your summer vacation :) This week will hopefully be nice and restful for you. Just jump in his moving van and come back to michigan with him and his family :)


Enjoy your summer vacay. I can't wait for my summer to begin.

The Bug said...

Got to love a man in regalia :)

I'm glad your summer has started - can't wait to see what it holds for you.

P.S. Got to say, you are still looking GREAT!

rita said...

Hurray for end of school year!
I always enjoyed wearing academic regalia, a bit crazy I know.
Kayla will soon be passed by the boys and will have to hold her own.
Have a great summer y'all!

BTW, the picture of me is with my college dean of women, now 94!

Lori said...

I laughed at the sticky man... how I hate those things for the very reason that you pictured. Great pics this week. Have a great summer!