Sunday, June 19, 2011

Project 365

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Sunday June 12, 2011
These toys have been on my coffee table for a week now...I don't mind so much since Brendan has been playing with them. I love it when he finds toys he hasn't played with in forever and they are like new again!!


Monday June 13, 2011

Yahtzee has become the new family fav game this summer! Colin rediscovered this game in our game's been fun!
Tuesday June 14, 2011And this has become my new fav toy in the kitchen! I don't know why it's taken me so long to renew my love with it...especially in our heat...NO oven! Today before going to work I put in 4 frozen chix breasts and 1 jar of salsa. When I got home din din was done! It was so very yummy on a warm tortilla with cheese & sour cream!

Wednesday June 15, 2011

Wednesday = movie day in these parts...Megamind was on the agenda...this is one that we have never seen and I must say that I even enjoyed it!


Thursday June 16, 2011

Thursday is field trip day at Tutor Time and today we headed to Peter Piper Pizza with 56 school agers. It was lots of fun...we got to tour the restaurant and they each got to make their own individual pizzas. If you do not know; this is similar to Chuck E. Cheese; so while waiting for the pizzas to bake they got to play in the game room!


Friday June 17, 2011

Colin has been bugging to go back to the skate park so Friday night we headed there before it got to late (since the later it gets the older the boys get...if you know what I mean!) We stayed for about an hour and he had a blast...'cept for the fall he took! (he's ok!)


Saturday June 18, 2011

Saturday was a busy busy day at the McCraken house. First on the list was momma's workout and then home to grab the McCraken boys and head to football registration. Here are all the helmets in the equipment room where they were fitted for everything that they will need when practice starts...which will be here before we know it...Monday August 1 to be exact!

After spending the afternoon at a friend's dance recital (no photos allowed) we headed down town to experience arena football for the first time! It was so much fun! The Arizona Rattlers played the San Jose SaberCats and beat them in the final minute of the game to become the West Division Champs!

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He & Me + 3 said...

Oh we love yatzee. So much fun. What a fun field trip for everyone. What is better than games and pizza? I don't know. LOL
Yum to salsa chicken. definitely a favorite of mine. So easy. We thought Megamind was cute. Had a fun twist. LOL
Love the father's day pictures. Guess who got Zero? Yep me. Soccer tryouts again today so someone was gone all day. ugh.

RaD said...

Awww man... I didn't know our Saber Cats lost. Actually I really don't care much, but they are fun to watch from time to time.

Megamind is a popular movie in this house as are board games.

Ironically my daughter wants to try the skate park out. I told her she's gotta learn to skate before I agree to that one, but it makes me nervous in more than one way. A fall, yes, but those bigger kids well, that's where I really get a little jittery.

sara said...

We love yatzee in this house too!!!

ok, the orthopedist's daughter is coming out in me....get that boy some wrist guards for the skate park!!! most common injury he sees!!! I know, unsolicited advice....sorry, I couldn't help it! :)

arena football is fun isn't it? I went to a game here that a friends son was playing it and it was great!

The Bug said...

We used to play Yahtzee incessantly in our house. In fact (this is going to show you how sad my life is), I play Webkins every day because they have a Yahtzee like game on there. I need to see if I can find another online version :)

Bridget said...

My son loves the skatepark. It's even more fun when we grab his two best friends to take along with him.

Great pictures this week!

Amy said...

I love your pictures. I love the newly found toys, Yahtzee, the crock pot, movies, and Pizza. Skate parks scare me, but I was with you for all the other ones!!