Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Colin Boy & Camp Candlelight - 2011

This year Camp Candlelight was moved closer to home, an hour and a half instead of a three hour drive each way. {thankyouverymuch!} Chauncey Ranch is now where Camp Candlelight calls home!
First thing...getting his bunk all set. And when it was all said and done, he switched bunks 3 times, but finally found one that suited his needs!

Colin has been talking about going back to camp since coming home from camp LAST summer! He was so excited!
Ryan & Colin after we got there. It was a lot different than drop off last year; last year they had an orientation for parents and this year it was just drop your kid off and...bye!

And of course a pic of me and my Colin Boy!
So after a few pictures and a lot of prompting we said our good byes and kissed and left.

So after a week away we headed back up north to pick up Colin Boy....He was so excited to see me and grandma but was sad to say good bye to his counselors...

Above is Rachel...the counselor that he had a crush on last year! She was back and couldn't say enough good things about Colin!

This is of the counselors in his cabin.

More sad to say see you next year!

Here is Colin with the Camp Director

Another one of Colin's counselors, Frankie

And here is he is posing with the camp doc

Last counselor in his cabin, Cameron...Colin loved hanging out with all of these guys!

Finally some pics of grandma & me!! Thanks for the love!
The entire way home Colin was non stop talking about all of the great adventures he had...they went horseback riding, canoeing, zip-lining (little jealous on this one! lol), rock wall climbing, hiking, gold panning, swimming, played paintball, played basketball, archery...just to name a few! Wish I went to camp like this when I was kid!

Catching a game before heading home with another camper

Until Next Year....


Bridget said...

So glad he had such a fun time again this year! Great pictures. The counselors look like they're lots of fun.

Together We Save said...

That camp sounds wonderful!!

He & Me + 3 said...

How did I know that Colin would be the most popular kid with the counselors. He has a way with capturing your heart. He is so sweet. Love that boy! So glad he had a great time.

RaD said...

That camp sounds like so much fun! Is Brendan jealous at all?