Sunday, July 10, 2011

Project 365

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Sunday ~ 185/365
Sunday July 3, 2011
Sunday afternoon Colin & I headed to the city aquatic center...lots of fun and a great way to cool off on a hot day! Colin loves the deep well & diving he is showing off. I caught him in mid front's that for talent?!

Monday July 4, 2011Hope you had a fantastic 4th!! We chilled for most of the day as Ryan was not feeling all that well. We did however make it to our city's fireworks. They had a great showing that lasted about 25 minutes and having great seats always makes it better! We met family friends and above are the kids ooohhhhing and aaaahhhing!

After the show we let them light sparklers in the parking lot. Brings back lots of memories!

Tuesday July 5, 2011
I came home after a lllooonnnggg day at work (7am-6pm) to some severe weather. The boys were so excited to see it coming in on the TV and then running outside to see it as well. We had a MASSIVE dust storm...over a mile high and 50 miles long...crazy. I tried to get pics of it, but it was too dark. The next morning my car looked like it had been given a dirt bath. Monsoon season is pretty scary here at times! (below is a pic of the dust storm on the breaking news...doesn't really give it justice)


Wednesday July 6, 2011
Wednesday I walked out of my bedroom to find that the 3 kids camped out in the living room the night before! Too funny! I quietly woke the boys so we could get ready for our summer fun movie. After the movie we headed to Peter Piper Pizza where the boys enjoyed free pizza and tokens. Great summer day!


Thursday July 7, 2011

After work on Thursday I met the fam over a another family's house for dinner and swimming. We have known Rog & Maren since moving here in 2004...their oldest daughter Jordan & Brendan were in the same private kinder class at KinderCare and we have been fast friends ever since. Well Rog is an cook. He made his infamous chicken wings (YUM) and grilled out for us! They spoil us for sure! Thanks guys!


Friday July 8, 2011

Friday I got to have some ME time...some much needed me time. After all of my errands, I headed to the nail salon for a much needed pedi....aaaahhhh...haven't had one of these since last October. I LOVE fancy feet!!


Saturday July 9, 2011

While you are reading this...we will be on our way to Colorado. vaca time! We are all so very excited! For the next week we will be living it up CO style!

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sara said...

love the flip picture!!!

that dust storm was crazy!! my mom and I got caught in one when I was in middle school and we were driving home from Phoenix...scary.

have fun cooling off in CO!!!

The Bug said...

Great pictures this week, but I think my favorite is Colin looking over his star glasses at the camera - so sophisticated :)

Have fun in Colorado!

RaD said...

The flip picture is awesome.

Sorry about the dust storm, but at least you were home safe and sound. I've been through a few where I used to live in Oregon, and while interesting, not really much fun.

Have a great vacation! We just got back from ours and I'd rather be anywhere but heading to work in the morning. :)

Foursons said...

I have never witnessed a dust storm and I'm thinking I don't want to. Yikes.

I love the first shot of the flip. Such great action and such a typical carefree boy shot.

I'm jealous of your fireworks. Ours were banned due to drought.

-stephanie- said...

cute toes. Enjoy your vacation.

kimert said...

i just read about that dust storm today. Insane!

Love the pics!

Bridget said...

Great pictures!! Have a super time on your vacation!!

He & Me + 3 said...

Wow! I didn't know my boy had that in him and his messy face is priceless. Love him. I love your pedicure too. Those flowers are so cute. Hope you have an awesome time in Co! Don't miss me :). I would love for younall to come to the beach house with us. Halvesies and we are in :)

Bits-n-Pieces said...

yaay for pretty toes!!