Sunday, July 17, 2011

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Sunday ~ 192/365
Sunday July 10, 2011
Sunday at midnight while you were all sleeping, we were on our Colorado! The kids slept, I dozed and Ryan drove and we made it to CO by early afternoon! This year we decided to go through Utah and it was B.EA.U.TI.FUL!

Most of the highway in CO followed the CO River...God's country for sure...amazingly breathtaking.

By this time we had been in the car almost 12 hours...I was T.I.R.E.D.!


Monday July 11, 2011
Monday found us at the pool for some fun in the sun! The boys had lots of fun and after splashin' around and lunch we headed to...wait for it...GOLDEN SPOON!! (we used to have a golden spoon by us but sadly it closed April 1...we have been going through withdrawal!)


Tuesday July 12, 2011
Tuesday afternoon (after splashin' around in the pool some more) we headed to The University of Colorado's Pearl Street. Pasta Jay's became a fav the last time we visited CO, so of course we had to stop back this time around for some very yummy Italian food.

After dinner we headed down Pearl Street to see what we could see. One of the landmarks is the split boulder.

Lots of fun shops, cafes, people and performers

Brendan & Colin waiting to see what this guy was gonna do...he started to stretch so we thought we were gonna see something...but we got nothing! After waiting a few minutes we left.

After our fill of Pearl Street we headed home to feast on this A.MAZ.ING. homemade cheesecake. Ryan's cousin Kristy makes homemade cheesecakes and sells them (0ne of her clients...the restaurant we ate at at Pearl Street, Pasta Jay's). She made this one specifically for Ryan...butterscotch oatmeal...and let me tell was better than amazing!

Wednesday July 13, 2011
I also did some baking while I was there too...I have posted about Hungry Girl before and her cakes (since I love to bake) and had to try cupcake recipes that I got in an email. I made 3 different kinds...coconut fluff, boston creme pie, & banana split. They were easy and SO YUMMY! My favs were the coconut fluff which uses angel food cake!

Thursday July 14, 2011
Thursday was our last full day in CO...and since the weather was no cooperating the boys and I headed to the movies to see Cars 2...very cute!

And later that night Kristy, friend Alissa and me had a wine, cheese, bread and fruit party! So fun and so yummy!


Friday July 15, 2011
Friday it was time to sadly say good bye...we left about 7:30 am and finally rolled in around 9pm that night. Loved this snow covered mountain in July!

This was at a rest area...loved the mountain in the you can see the kids could care less about picture taking at the point in our vaca!!!

Saturday July 16, 2011
Soooo...not sure how addicted to facebook you are, but here at the McCraken house there is usually someone on it all day...whether it's Ryan, me, Kayla or the boys. The games are one of the favs and BINGO BLITZ has become the new fav...very addictive I tell ya!

Join in with Sara...It's not to late to join the fun!

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He & Me + 3 said...

Glad you had so much fun and a nice time in CO. It was nice to read about the pictures I viewed last night on facebook. Yum to that cheesecake. I love cheesecake big time! I checked out her website too. Yum. Glad you are home safe and sound. I am starting to like fFB a little more. Editing pictures is still my biggest computer time. Which reminds me...I need to do my post. Ugh. Miss you. Xoxo

Robyn said...

Looks like a wonderful time, with yummy goodies! I Love cheesecake!

The Bug said...

The cheesecake & cupcakes look fabulous - I'm sitting here drooling. Glad you had a good time - love those mountains!

P.S. I did NOT need to hear about another facebook game - I'm on there too much as it is!

sara said...

So glad you had such a great vacation!!!

that cheesecake looks amazing and so do the cupcakes! I'd love the recipe for the boston fav!!!

Foursons said...

Your vacation looks like so much fun! How was the weather compared to your home? Did you get to escape the heat for a little while?

That cheesecake looks amazing but did I read right? It has oatmeal? I've never heard of oatmeal in cheesecake. Not that I'm a baker or anything close to one.

I watched Hungry Girl for the first time today. Her recipes seem really simple and like something I could do. I need to start looking into her recipes and making an effort in the kitchen. I have been in the mindframe lately of whatever is easiest and quickest is what we eat. And if I don't feel like cooking then I hope there are leftovers for everyone or they're out of luck.

Bridget said...

Loving these pics of your Colorado trip!! Gorgeous scenery!

kimert said...

The photos from CO are amazing.

The cheesecake and cupcakes....wrong day for me to be looking at those! haha

Tiffany said...

GAAH! I am so sorry we missed you! Although I do think that, since you drove through Utah this year, you should drive through a certain little town in southern CO next year... hmm?