Thursday, August 26, 2010


Today's the day...the day that we have been waiting for all year...can you guess??
Are you READY??! Cuz WE are READY!!

Now I know what you are is Thursday...isn't footall played on Friday nights? Usually it is....but this year is special....extra special. You see tonight the WCHS Wildcats are playing the WV Knights and since it's the first game...THE VERY FIRST GAME of the high school season...they are being broadcast LIVE on local TV!! Isn't that so very exciting?!!! We think it is!

Coach Mac is ready...ready with his game face wearing his brand new game shirt and his game shoes. This is serious people!!
It's all about football...all the the McCraken House!
Leaving for the day...see you later honey!

The boys even get in on the action! This year they earned team football jerseies!!

With their nicknames on the back cool are they?!
And MOM even got in on the Wildcat gear this year! This is the first season that coaches wives got a 'special' shirt. The head coach's wife, Dawn and I designed them... like??


Today's the day...the day that we have been waiting for all year!




The Bug said...

How exciting! Good luck tonight!

Now I'm off to check out the football schedule for Dr. M's university. They're pretty pathetic, but I think they didn't even HAVE a team not that long ago. And they don't offer athletic scholarships. The games are mostly an excuse to sit on hard bleachers & groan & yell at the refs :)

Life as a Coaches Wife said...

Good Luck tonight!!!!

sara said...

our football season starts tomorrow. Unfortunately our first game is in an hour we won't be going.

Good luck tonight!!!!

-stephanie- said...

Go Team! Have fun!

Foursons said...

Being on TV is VERY exciting! Good luck to Coach Mac!

RaD said...

Have fun! Are you recording the game?

Tiffany said...

Woohoo!!! Tell Coach he looks fabulous in the new gear - my hubs will LOVE the shoes. And I especially like the sparkle on your shirt. Have fun tonight!

kimert said...

Cute shirts!! 'Round here they don't like the coach's wives to wear anything like that! I always (kinda) wanted to because it let some "disgruntled" parents know who they were sitting near. HAHAHA
Hope you all have a great season!! We play our second game tonight against our cross town rival.

lifeasyouliveit said...

i would love to have HALF your enthusiasm! (can you share please??) have fun a the game...we'll contemplate a worthington appearance next week...i do need to rock my shirt :) (ps. how much do i owe you again??)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the season. Can't wait to see maybe a game in Oct.
Love Aunt Judy

Alicia said...

I can imagine how excited and pumped up everyone is for football!!!

Stacy said...

Good luck!!!

Yes, being on TV is very exciting! Byrnes ( in our town) vs Hoover this Satuday on ESPN.

He & Me + 3 said...

How cool that everyone is decked out in their own personal gear. Love it. Hope the game went well.

Bits-n-Pieces said...

woo hoo for high school football. Our first game is next Friday. We (my husband's tv station) film each game and play them on tv all weekend. (cant do it live tho. :( )
Our house is 1 block from the high school, we can look out our window and watch the game...we usually sit in the game room with the radio announcers on and watch/listen! lol
Yep..that time of year again! Good luck to your team!

Stephanie said...

Sooooooo.....did they win?

I've been so out of it!!! I'm trying to get back into things. Hope you're doing well - I promise I'll try to stick around this time!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Whooooo Hooooo! Go Team Mac!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Whooooo Hooooo! Go Team Mac!