Tuesday, August 24, 2010

School Daze

With all of the craziness of football starting and school starting at the same time I feel as though I have lost my sanity! We are into our 4th week of football and 3rd week of school already...goodness where has the time gone!
I am finally getting around to posting about the first day of school here at the McCraken House! Here in AZ we start school fairly early...in August. This year was no exception with the first day of school being Monday August 9, 2010. Now mind you...we do start early but our last day of school is usually the Thursday before Memorial Day in May so we have about 10 weeks of summer...which in my book is still not long enough!!

Here is Colin on his first day of 4th Grade

Brendan on his first day of 5th Grade

I take their first day of school pics in the same spot each year!

On their way to class...I walked them to each of their classrooms on the first day so I could get pics of them with their teacher. This is walking to Colin's room in the 4th grade hall.

Colin & Mrs. G

Colin sitting at his table before the final bell rings

Brendan is UP stairs this year {tear} in the 5th/6th hall
Brendan & Ms. W

Brendan sitting at his table waiting for the final bell to ring

I cannot believe that another school year has started...it will be over before I know it and then they will be a year older...sigh...here's to a great year!
Oh and I have to be a bragging mom for just a minute...over the summer we received their AIMS scores (AZ standard tests) in the mail and Brendan received EXCEED in 3/3 of his tests and Colin received EXCEED in 1/2 of his tests...way to go smarty pants!!


He & Me + 3 said...

Those are great pictures. Crazy that I am still waiting for school to start. LOL
They looked so happy.
Love that backpack Colin has. LOL
Hooray for great test scores.

The Bug said...

Wow - I'm REALLY impressed. As I recall (as an older sister), 4th & 5th grade boys aren't necessarily into retaining school-type information. Of course, with teachers for parents they have a bit of a leg up :)

sara said...

congrats on the scores!!!

I am impressed that the boys still let you take those pics and smile in them!! ha! love it!

Foursons said...

Congrats boys, keep up the good work!

You have two very handsome boys, sounds like everyone is well into the swing of things.

-stephanie- said...

Way to go Smartypants's. You have every right to be a proud mom.

Darcie said...

Life has gotten crazy for you all, huh? Can't wait to start hearing all about the football too.

You got some great pictures of their first day of school...they are growing up...fast. AWESOME job on their test scores.

Carrie said...

Way to go on those awesome scores...totally deserves major bragging rights!

I agree...the year has just started but is already going fast! It's just not fair how that happens! I can't believe you're in full football season again...can't wait to hear about more great wins! Have a FUN year!

Tiffany said...

Ok, are they getting too big for me to call them cute? Because they are! I love the smiles when they are with their teachers. Priceless!

Amy said...

Oh I just love that you took a picture with their teachers!!! Such a great memory! Well, unless they hate their teachers by the end of the year! LOL

They will both do great this year, I'm sure!

~Laura said...

Way to go boys!

RaD said...

Just catching up on everyone's blog. I finally got my computer back but I can see that you have been so busy there weren't as many posts to catch up on! Our first day of school is tomorrow!

Leslie said...

Yay, smarty pants! Awesome! Do it again, do it again (this year). Cute boys!! We don't start until Sept. 8. I am going back full-time and in 1st grade. You have kindergartners, right? Babies, huh?

Stacy said...

Good work guys!! We started a week after you. I feel like we haven't slowed down since it started!

Bits-n-Pieces said...

yaay for great test scores. I got Molly's yesterday....she got Advanced on Literacy AND on Math!! woot woot. (our benchmarks are scored Below Basic/Basic/Proficient/Advanced). I got her pic on the first day of school, but my ex did not get them of my boys. DUMB MAN! doesn't he know how important those pics are? grrrrr
I love seeing other people's classrooms. I never thought about putting the nametags at the bottom of the tables before. of course my little kids still need to look at them when they write their names.
Anywho..hope your year is starting to settle down. I'm loving my class right now! Hope that doesn't change!