Sunday, August 15, 2010

Project 365...2 weeks worth

Sorry I have been MIA for the past 2 weeks...with school and football starting all at the same time I haven't had time to breath or a minute to myself! The boys and I are at school and football from morning til night and the same with here are 2 weeks of my life in photos!

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I hope you have as much fun seeing a peek into my week as I am posting about it!


Sunday we cleaned out the garage...well not cleaned cleaned it out, but straightened it up! We found the boys' baby box and had fun looking through it and seeing how tiny they once were. Colin also decided to put one of his two blankies in the box for safe that was a BIG step!

Monday...the first day I could get back into my classroom. Crystal came with me and we were able to set it up and get it ready in 3 hours! I have to report back to school officially this Wednesday and school starts Monday August 9.

This week also marked the start to football season with practices EVERY night! Monday and Tuesday were conditioning and Wednesday they went helmets. With helmets you need mouth is Brendan getting his mouth guard ready with the help of Ryan.

Wednesday night...first night with helmets. I cannot get a good picture to save my life. We have changed practice fields this year and the lighting is horrible. I choose this picture because I like the movement...they are springing off of the line in sprints.

Thursday August 6 was 'Meet the Teacher Night' at school. I met most of my students and their families on this night and as each one of them left I gave them a special bag that had a 'First Day of Kindergarten Survival Kit' in it! I have 29 kindergarteners this year.


By the end of the week the team had broken up into groups and started practicing throwing and catching. Here is Brendan making a catch...way to go B!

Saturday~197/365 Saturday I didn't get outta my PJs until we went to dinner! It was one long and exhausting week! We went to a fav pizza place. This is when we were waiting for our yumminess and watching the NFL honorees getting inducted to the Hall of Fame. And it was the only time all week that I had seen Ryan for more than half an hour!


Sunday we finished school supply shopping and getting ready for the big day...bags packed and by the front door ready to go!

Monday August 9...1st day of school
Brendan is in 5th grade
Colin is in 4th grade

First day of full pads. Both boys kept their same # from last year...Brendan is #80 and Colin is #60...they love this day...the sound of pads hitting & times I tell ya!

Now that football season and school are in full swing this is what my foyer looks like every night...back lots & lots of dirt!

Thursday~202/365 Colin trying to get past the defender. Both boys are stronger and faster this year. It has been fun to see how much they have improved.


So glad this week is finally over...although the planning has just begun!

Saturday~204/365 To renew my AZ teaching certificate I have to take AZ History and Constitution...and the only way I am able to take this course is online...I HATE online courses...half way through...the end cannot come fast enough!! BLAH! :P

This is what Sara says on her blog about Project 365...
"I am attempting to take one photograph each day of this next year. My hope is to be able to slow down and see the small things, become a better photographer and to be reminded of the many blessings God sends my way! "

Well said Sara...thanks for letting me tag along!
Join in with Sara...It's not to late to join the fun!


Foursons said...

Great shots. My jaw still drops at 29 students. That is an insane class size and then so many difficult kids on top of the number. Yikes. Hang in there girl.

The Bug said...

Wow you ARE busy! You weren't kidding with your last post :)

29 seems like a lot of kids to herd - you have help, right? Of course as a NOT mother & a NOT teacher it seems really overwhelming to me LOL.

I hope your three guys have a great football season!

Jenilee said...

sounds like football and school keeps you very busy! what fun things to be doing! :)

sara said...

yes, you are definitely busy!!!

Jason was my only one to play football and when you mentioned the crunch of the pads and helmets, I heard that sound CLEARLY in my head!!! It was a sound this mama's heart had to get used to but ended up loving!! :)

H-Mama said...

busy is right! bless your heart.

kimert said...

Twenty nine?!?!? Yikes! And we thought 23 in my daughter's 1st grade class last year was a lot. I hope you have a wonderful school year!
All the pics are great!

Stacy said...

I still can't believe you have 29 kids without an assistance! My week has been super busy too! We start school in the morning:/

Tori said...

Woman..I am exhausted for you! I bet that felt great to get your classroom together so quickly!
I can not believe you have 29 kindergartners! You better have lots of parent volunteers! Are you full day too?
I can hear those helmets and pads crunching! Praying for them to have fun and stay safe!!
Have a super week and hopefully you'll get a little time with Ryan too!

He & Me + 3 said...

Wowzers. I don't think I missed too much from our talks. The classroom looks great. I see the backpack I got my boy. Cannot believe we have 5th and 4th graders. Just not right.
Love the football picture with the sunlight on the helmet. Very cool.
Hope your class is going well.

Jen said...

Oh my! You guys are fully into the business of the season!
Love your classroom. What's in the survival bag?
Glad you got a night out to just be together for a little while!

lifeasyouliveit said...

yay! i was waiting for a stacey post :) love the pics as always!...this way i can pretend we had coffee and you told me about all the things i just saw! :)

Jack Kung said...

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~Laura said...

Very busy weeks!

Bridget said...

You've been a busy bee!! Thanks for sharing what you all have been up to. Hope your guys have a great football season!

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Wow I can not believe that you have 29 students either...seems like I am not the only one...geepers!

I love the pizza place photo...he looks thrilled to eat and tired all at the same time!

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Lisa said...

So nice to get a peek into your week.