Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Football Frenzy

October 22, 2010
WCHS Wildcats vs. MRHS Mountain Lions

Ryan's defense ready to spring off the line

Ryan congratulating one of his players as he comes off of the field

Let's HIT somebody!

YEA...I want YOU!

The entire defense looking for Ryan's call

And the ball runner would be at the bottom of that pile!This was our last away game and it was their homecoming. We had an awesome game. The defense played hard and smart causing fumbles, turnovers and even had a safety. I wish our offense was as great as our defense. We lost in the few minutes of the game...sad but true.

WCHS Wildcats 16 -
MRHS Mountain Lions 17

Saturday October 23. 2010
Cobras vs. Outlaws
Kick off time
This is 1 of our 2 bowl games. Our last game on our turf. We played the Outlaws and it was a home game for us. I got to work in the concession stand before the game...don't be jealous!

It was a hot day on this last game dayColin helping to make a block on the O line


Brendan helping to make a play

B Mac & C Mac on the field

Brendan getting double teamed once again

Here is Brendan breaking through the O line to pressure the QB...look at him go!

Ryan was able to make it to the game which made the boys' day! The team played great. They were down the entire game and with just a few minutes left in the game came back to score bringing the score to within 1...sadly we ran out of time.
Cobras 13 -
Outlaws 14

And because it was a bowl game every player and cheerleader received a participation medal
sporting their medals with mom and dad

Next Football Frenzy will be only a FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS (a catch up one!)
The boys and I leave on Friday Nov 12 which is exciting and sad since that will more than likely be Ryan's first play off game...which we will miss :(
So until next Friday...
Go Wildcats!!
Go Cobras!!


steffenboysmom said...

Is your season over yet? Our high school team won it's second sectional game in about 10 years and gets to play again. We almost don't know how to act!

Tiffany said...

Can I just tell you how much I love their names on the backs of their jerseys? Our peewee league here doesn't do anything like that.

And tell Coach Mac congrats on making the playoffs. He is forgiven for not writing a blog post in FOREVER!!!!! Just teasin....

Following HIM said...

Love, LOVE, LOVE football frenzy posts!! Maybe because I love football :)

RaD said...

Can I just say I love your football pics and am going to miss them, especially the ones with the boys in them. So is all going to be quiet in McCraken land for a few months or do you have another sport up your sleeve?