Thursday, November 11, 2010

Football Frenzy

WCHS Wildcats vs. DVHS Skyhawks
Friday November 5, 2010

Last regular game of the season
Senior Night

Ryan's defense came out strong
Hitting hard

Dog Piled...would hate to be the Skyhawk on the bottom of that pile!

Stopping the TD...way to stand strong D

This was a nail biter of a game...
we scored first...
SO exciting!

Ryan's having a pow wow with his D while the offense is on the field

One of my new fav pics...some of the coach's wives with the field behind us

Robin, Stacey, Me, Dawn, Deborah

Heart pounding game...I think I stood the entire 4th Q...lots of cheering...lots of cow bell ringing...we thought we had it in the bag...

This game was the start all end all...we needed to win this game to proceed to the play-offs...we thought we did it...and then...they scored...

final score

And that's the season
{and just for the record, Ryan's Defense was one of the best in the state}

The end of the season is always hard, but this year it seems as though it was a little harder...a little sadder...the end of a season may or may not bring a coach's wife you really never know what may happen after the season...only God knows.
Whether we are here or there next year...I will always be Ryan's wife..supporting him in the stands.


Carol said...

What a great post, Stacey, about your love for your husband, football, change, and just some hard work on the field.

I love that photo of you and the coaches' wives. Beautiful!

Foursons said...

Oh no! So sorry for the loss. I hope the school sees the value in keeping your husband coaching for their school.

kimert said...

Great post! Love the pic of the wives! Sorry your season has come to a close.

Bridget said...

Super pictures and YAY for a great season!!

Alicia said...

I love your enthusiasm for their sports, and for your hubby!!

RaD said...

Yeah, season enders are tough, but I can understand how it would be tougher for you guys. Praying that no matter where your hubby coaches, that he'll succeed!

Bits-n-Pieces said...

This was so great!! And what a great outlook you have!
Sorry I haven't been around much! Am trying to catch up now!