Sunday, April 3, 2011

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Sunday March 27, 2011

We spent Sunday afternoon in a sweet suite at the baseball stadium. Three football families were invited to watch from above...I have to tell you...coming from the cheap seats...these were! We had loads of fun and the Royals won! The 5 boys loved cheering on the team of their choice high above the rest of the crowd. Brandon, Corey, Brendan, Colin & Bric all play baseball together as well!

The family after the Royals victory


Monday March 28, 2011

Brendan's first game of the season (a week late due to a rain out). The Cardinals did great and pulled out a WIN against the Giants. You can read more about Brendan's (& Colin's) game here.


Tuesday March 29, 2011

I spent the morning the CORE Institute...I had my first appointment a few weeks ago to have my right knee looked at. A LLOONGGG time ago (when I was in college) I dislocated my knee and it really never got any better. I have been living with pain for quite awhile, but since I have lost all of my weight and have been working has gotten this is where I headed. After an MRI, it was found not only that I have arthritis in my knee but my ligaments on the left side of my patella are very for the next 6 weeks I have to sport an oh so pretty knee brace, get 6 injections and do 6 weeks of physical therapy (lucky me!). If after 6 weeks it's still not where they want it to be...then surgery...blah!


Wednesday March 30, 2011

I actually didn't have a picture for today...or I thought I didn't until I started uploading pictures for project 365...apparently Kayla thought it fun to use her 'new' brothers as pillows and Ryan grabbed the camera to capture those smiles! I am glad he did!


Thursday March 31, 2011

Colin Boy's first baseball game of the season. THIS is his sport...He hearts baseball! Both boys are lucky enough to have Ryan as one of their coaches this year; here is Ryan coaching up Colin on first base. It was a GREAT game...Colin pitched, played first and was behind the plate as catcher and the best part...the Cubs came away with a victory...19-6!


Friday April 1, 2011

No foolin'...this is where I was on Friday night...facilitating cheer at a flag football game! Once upon a time I was the cheer coach, but this year my schedule would not permit me to do all that I needed to do and coach the squad. I was asked by this year's coach if I could step in for her on Friday night since she couldn't be there. I was more than happy to help out and had fun seeing some of my old cheerleaders in action again!


Saturday April 2, 2011

Breakfast of champions...scrambled eggs and toast...yum! We had 2 games this morning starting at 8am; meaning we had to be up and outta the house by 7:30am to get to the field. Busy Busy...Ryan left Colin's game early with Brendan to get him to his game that started at 10am at a different field and when Colin's game was over (which they won by the way) we headed over to Brendan's game (which they lost by the way)!! So four and a half hours later in the 100* heat we were finally home again...phew!

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LuAnn said...

I love, love, love all your baseball pictures. Joel coached Phil from 1st - 8th grade.

Look forward to seeing more.

Bridget said...

Hope your knee improves and surgery isn't needed. Love the picture of the kids being goofy and glad Ryan caught it!

He & Me + 3 said...

Thought I was going to get to see that brace this week? Hope that it is helping. Loved all the baseball this week. HOly moly...Take me out to the ball game is your theme song. LOL
My favorite picture is the picture of Colin and Ryan. Love it.
Miss you.

Kim said...

Will definitely pray that the injections and therapy do the job and surgery is NOT needed!

Loved all the baseball photos! It's one of the few sports I understand :)

Have a great week!

Tiffany said...

Great pictures as always. I really hope that knee does well with PT and the injections. Have a great week:)

sara said...

praying that the injections and therapy work! I have to say, just reading the word "injections" made me queasy!! I do not like needles!

Mimi said...

Baseball season sound so busy! How fun to still get to help with the cheerleaders again.

Have a great week,

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

looks like a fun filled sports week for your crew. isn't it fun to load up pictures and find ones you don't expect?

RaD said...

Oy! 100 degree heat! Fun stuff... uh not!

Sorry to hear about your knee. I hope all the pre-surgery stuff works so no real surgery is needed.

I'll bet you love those father-son pictures of your boys. I always try to capture those moments for our coach dads and give them the pictures at the end of the season.

Carrie said...

Love the baseball pics! I'm excited for Alex and Emily to start...they'll be on the same team this year {for our convenience!} Can't wait to see how they play together!

You look great! How fun to sit in the baseball suite! Glad you all had so much fun! ;-)

Good luck with your knee...we'll be praying for NO surgery! Hope all heals well, and quickly!

Have a great week!

H-Mama said...

Yay for baseball starting. Busy, busy. But busy-fun, right? ;)

And boo for knee brace. Bless your heart.

The Bug said...

Ooh - now I'm afraid to go to the ortho about my hip - I do NOT want surgery. Sigh.

Love the baseball pics - we're all about the baseball in our house :)

Tiffany said...

Box seats? How awesome is that!!!! We normally watch (at Coors) from the outfield pavillion - great home run territory.

So sorry about your knee. But, at least you know it wasn't the weight that was causing the issue. Here's hoping the brace does the trick!


Sorry to hear about your knee. I suffer with my left one and arthritis after a dislocation when I was 16....some 40 years ago. Loved the baseball pictures and the cute cheerleader.

rita said...

Sore knee--no fun :(
Many BB games--very fun :)
100 degree weather--WHAT???