Sunday, April 10, 2011

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Sunday April 3, 2011

Picture 1 of 3...For whatever reason Brendan picked up Kayla's haircutting scissors on Sunday night thinking he was gonna trim his hair...umm...yea, not so much! So Ryan had to step in and shave it up a bit. Brendan was NOT so happy, as he has been trying to grow it long for forever!! (never in his 11 years has he ever taken scissors to his hair! lol)

Picture 2 of our new daughter Debra!! Colin, oh I mean Debra, thought it hysterical to put balloons up his shirt and put his blanket on his had and introduce himself as Debra...

Picture 3 of! Colin picked up my camera and captured this moment so I thought it would post it since I don't grace my blog enough!

Monday~95/365Monday April 4, 2011

Here is on of my volunteers that comes and helps out in my room each week! I really appreciate all of her help and she loves being around the kids.


Tuesday April 5, 2011

Colin stealing and sliding into second base. This boy can't steal a base without sliding...oy vey...the dirty pants he brings home!

This is the sunset that night over the mountains...absolutely beautfiul!


Wednesday April 6, 2011

Brendan getting ready to bat at his game

Thursday~98/365 Thursday April 7, 2011

Ryan was in a production of Bye Bye Birdie at the high school where he teaches...he portrayed Ed Sullivan in the musical and did a GREAT job as did the entire was amazing! They put on 4 shows this past weekend and he really enjoyed himself!


Friday April 8, 2011

This weekend I went to Country Thunder, a 4 day country concert in the middle of nowhere AZ!! We missed Thursday since we all had to work, but Friday we took a half day and headed out to see Eric Church and hottie Jason Aldean...aaaahhhh!!! He did such and am.a.zing. job


Saturday April 9, 2011

Country Thunder day 2...not as much fun as day 1, but still fun. We woke up to rain...pouring rain...ARE YOU SERIOUS? I live in AZ and it hardly ever rains...the ONE day we spent a LOT of money to spend outside listening to country music and it rains. BLAH! So we made the best of it...we went to a movie, hung out at the hotel, and then the sun popped out so we left to catch the last 2 concerts of the night...Little Big Town and Martina McBride. The concert bowl was a HUGE mud bowl and it was FREEZING!

The first pic is the 4 of us, me, Heather, Janelle and Tiff before heading into the mud bowl.

The 2nd picture is Tiff's boots and my shoes after the concert...if you think our shoes were bad, you should have seen our jeans!

We had a blast even in the cold and rain...hopefully next year it will be warm and sunny!

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Bridget said...

Country Thunder looks fun despite the rain.

Nice to meet "Debra" lol!!!

Tiffany said...

Now that looks like a great week. And Debra is simply fabulous!

The Bug said...

Great week - love the pics of you :) And that sunset - gorgeous!

Foursons said...

What?! No picture of the new haircut? I am cracking up that he tried to cut his hair himself. Just proves that EVERY kid takes a pair of scissors to his/her head eventually.

The concerts sound like so much fun. I'm glad you got to take a 1/2 day off work and enjoy them. Summer is almost here! Are you staying in Kinder next year?

~Laura said...

Looks like a great week!

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh my on the hair. What was he thinking? Loving your new daughter. That boy is a hoot.
Love the baseball pictures.
How fun to spend a few days away with friends. Maybe some day for me :)
Love your hair in the braids...cute.
Glad you had a great time despite the yucky weather.
Ry looks great as Ed.

sara said...

Debra is a hottie for sure!!!

I miss those arizona sunsets!!!!

The weather is AZ has been CRAZY lately. my mom said it was 47 degrees yesterday in Tucson!!!

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

looks like a great week and lots of fun. and good volunteers in a classroom is always a blessing!

kimert said...

I stink for not getting over here regularly!! I am a terrible blogger. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures!! Debra is quite the beauty. ;)

Mimi said...

It looks like a great week. Loved Debra!

Hugs & love,

Jen said...

Love Jason Aldean...and Debra is sooo very fabulous! Silly boys!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...


dirty boots...yuck!

Have a great rest of the week!

rita said...

Quite an influence Kayla is having on the boy/s ;)
Why call it Country THUNDER, that's what brought the rain on!
Fun week!

RaD said...

That hair cutting picture kinda scares me. It means it's still possible for my not so little children to do something drastic!

Brenden's into the grown out hair too? My son has been wanted to grow his out for a while too. But a few days ago he asked for a mowhawk again. He is now contemplating it as I explained it means shaving the sides and starting all over again. Whatever his decision it will not be made official until after Easter.

I feel you on the crazy weather. Last night my children both had games and the temps got down to low 40's before it was over. We live in CALIFORNIA for crying out loud!

Lisa said...

Gorgeous sunset and I love the picture of the four of you girls together. There can never be enough girl time!