Monday, February 2, 2009

'Not Me!' Monday!

Well, here it is, Monday again and time for the cheapest therapy around! Have a laugh on me cuz here are some of the things that I did not do this past week!
1. I did not walk out of the house Wednesday night, to take Brendan to his bball practice, wearing my slippers. I know the difference between my slippers and shoes.
2. I did not tell my son to suck it up every morning that he woke up with a nasty cough because I do not have any sick days left. I am not that mean. I love my son!
3. I did not ask a million questions to Tara over at Blog Makeovers by Tara because I am not indecisive and can make up my mind about what I wanted my blog to look like. Really I can make up my mind!
4. I did not have my kids buy breakfast and lunch at school for 3 days this past week because I didn't have any food in my house. I am a much better mom than that. I have enough food in the house to feed my family all the time.
5. I did not call and wake up my mom at 7am on Friday morning to see if she could come and watch me kids since they were sick. I have lots of days to spend with my sick kids! Thanks mom!
6. I did not hint to my mom, that same morning, that we didn't have any milk in the house. She did not stop and pick some up on the way over! Thanks again mom!
7. I did not specifically go out and buy a red shirt to wear to school on Friday for Cardinal Spirit day. I did not wear this shirt so I could wear jeans to school. I do not have enough clothes and needed to buy a red shirt so I could wear my jeans!
Well, I am sure there is more, but you know me, I have a really good memory!
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And until next wasn't me, I swear!!


Alicia said...

I know what you mean about asking alot of questions about your blog! I felt like that with the lady who did my blog!!

Debra said...


Cracking me up girlfriend!! What happened to our Cardinals? So sad...N E WAY...moving on.

Happy Monday, my sister. Have a great day!

He And Me + 3 said...

Big K came to the rescue mom would do the same thing. I am wondering if Actress calls me to bring her milk when she is a mom if I will do the same. I guess it will depend how I feel that day. LOL

Stephanie said...

I was rooting for you last it was a disappointment :) Happy Monday!

tollesons4him said...

Your blog looks fantastic!!!!And I asked Tara lots of questions when she did my blog too ;)
So sorry the Cardinals lost :(

Anonymous said...

Thanks Stacey and MiMi for the nice words. It truly was my pleasure -- I'll do anything for my boys.........Love, Mom

Jane Anne said...

Congratulations about your Cardinal win!!!

I totally understand being indecisive about the blog design. I like to change my mind constantly (is that the same thing as being indecisive?). It took me forever - maybe a year and half- to chance my blog design from the basic blog template from blogger.
Great list!

Visit my Not Me! Monday post.

Jane Anne said...

WHAT- I did not just congratulation you on the Cardinal win. OH MY- if you could see my face - it bright red. All I can say, is that I am having a MOMENT. YIKES! I totally watched the whole game and was sad when they lost. (Oops- I think I was just on a Steeler fan blog before this.)
I am so embarrassed. Maybe a Not Me! moment!!

Elizabeth said...

Love the new look!
It looks great!!

Following Him said...

I so LOVE your layout! LOVE your NMM's today. Your mom rocks for coming and staying with the boys...she rocks!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Too funny my friend! I'm glad your mom came to the rescue. Although, I don't know what you're talking about. I always have plenty of groceries in my house :o) Yeah, right!

Kelly said...

funny not me's
I have left the house before (almost) in my slippers too. They are SO comfy.
YaY for our Mom's who help out with the sick kiddos. Always a blessing.