Monday, February 23, 2009

'Not Me!' Monday

So today is the day that I can admit to all of the things that I have not done this past week with no judgement. It is fun and easy and almost harmless and with usually no judgement! And a lot cheaper than therapy! So these are all of the things that I did not do. There are no witnesses and you can't prove a thing!!

1. It certainly was not me who scrubbed my house for over 5 hours because we had out of town guests coming. I keep a very neat and tidy house and would never have to clean like that for anyone!!
2. It could not have been me who forgot to go to a pre-evaluation meeting with my principal on Thursday after school. This was not a meeting that had already been rescheduled once and will not have to be rescheduled again. This meeting was not written on my calendar. I DO NOT forget important meeting, especially with the person who holds my job in her hand next year. That would just be silly. I am much more responsible than that. Really.
3. It was not me who talked my family into watching HSM3 for our Family Movie Day yesterday. I have already seen it and there was no need for me to see it again. I did not talk them out of watching Madagascar 2 just so I could watch what I wanted to watch! I really do listen to my kids, all of the time!
4. It was not me who hosted a Tupperware party on Friday night. I did not need anything, I did not want anything. I don't really know why I didn't have it!
5. I did not go to a Candle Light party on Saturday morning, the day after my Tupperware party and spend money on things that I really didn't need. I have more will power than that and know how and when to spend the money, especially in today's economy.
6. I did not buy 9 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. I did not spend $4 on each box. I did not order from one person and then forget and order from another. I do not like Girl Scout cookies and did not eat an entire box of Tag a Longs the day that I got them! Seriously, an entire box of cookies, who would do that?!
7. I did not go to my book club Saturday night without finishing the book that we were discussing. Why would anyone go to discuss a book that they had not even finished? Not me!
8. So anywho, that is all I remember and I am not sitting here trying to remember more things that I did not do, so I am gonna stop! Hope you enjoyed and got a laugh, a little one at least, to get your week started!
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And until next Monday... I swear... it wasn't me!!


Following Him said...

LOVE your NMMs. FIVE HOURS...seriously! What a dedicated woman :) Happy Monday!

He And Me + 3 said...

girl you got suckered into alot of things this week. Hope the parties were beneficial to!
What book were you reading? I didn't know you were part of a book club...hmmm, that is something that a friend should probably know...if they talked enough. Hello?

Stacy said...

I {never} have to clean my house like that when people come over.

I am not eating tag a longs as I write this! Nope you would eat those for breakfast?

Debra said...


I am so not laughing at/with you!

Happy Monday, my friend!

Leslie West said...

It's so refreshing to be able to laugh out loud at things you "did not" do, and to know that I wasn't alone when I "did not" also eat a whole box of Tag-a-longs!!!

E said...

I never wait to clean til the last minute either....never! My house is always PERFECT so I'd never have to do that. {wink}

And I don't know if you remember my post a few weeks back (or if you even saw it) when I ate 11 "thin mints" on my way home from work one day cuz they were CALLING MY NAME! Cookies can yell!

Jane Anne said...

It is not me who is standing here longing for new tupperware, candles, and girl scout cookies-- yum! Oh, that all sounds fantastic to me!

Leigh said...

If my kids show up at your door begging for cookies they are NOT for me!

Stephanie said...

I have not already bought girl scout cookies either!!! Are yours $4 a box? Ours are only $3.50 still this year.

Carol said...

Thanks for answering my hobby question. I would also love to make a quilt from all the t-shirts arond here. We have about a gazillion!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Nope, I would never have to clean when company is coming. I did not have to spend 2 days cleaning last week because I had a mom's meeting at my house. Nope, not me! I have it together much better than that...Yeah Right!

Take care my friend! Hope you are having a great week!

Oh and BTW, I love Candlelight! I actually used to sell. They are my fav candles!

Shannon said...

Oh yeah, I'm loving the Girl Scout cookies this time of year!