Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Football Frenzy

Monday Night Lights
Monday September 27, 2010
WCHS Homecoming Week
Powder Puff Game

Last week was homecoming week at WCHS...on Monday night they held their annual Powder Puff game on the varsity field. This is when the Sr. girls play the Jr. girls in a game of flag football.
And since the girls were playing football...who else would do the half time show but the boys...and not just any boys...but the Varsity Football Players!

Not gonna lie...IT.WAS.HYSTERICAL.
They had some moves and some major air with their toe touches...well some of them anyways!

This was their ending pyramid

And not to be shown up by the boys...these girls had game! They were fierce...it was supposed to be 'flag' football but let me tell you there was a fair share of tackling going on!

Ryan and one of the other varsity coaches were the referees for the game
In the end...the SENIORS beat the JUNIORS again to retain the trophy from last year but most of all the bragging rights! Way to go girls!

Friday October 1, 2010
WCHS Wildcats vs. SDO Eagles

Homecoming GameAnd since it was 10/01/10 and the first day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month...the team sported pink socks and gloves. These are some great kids.

Ryan sending in the play

Defense making the play

Time Out

Ryan congratulating his players after they picked off a ball

They went into half time with no score...0-0...

I just have to say that WCHS's homecoming is SO very different from my homecoming...now granted that was A LOT of years ago, but still...
NO floats
NO parade
NO pretty dresses

The ONLY difference between the game and any other 'regular' Friday night football game was this...a HUGE Wildcat painted on the field...fireworks at halftime & the end of the game...the crowning of the KING & QUEEN

In addition to the Senior King & Queen...underclassmen were voted into the court as well...
Junior...Prince & Princess
Sophomore...Lord & Lady
Freshman...Duke & Duchess
Our good friend Silvia and her younger sister Monica were crowned as the Lady & DuchessAnd instead of pretty dresses...they wore spirit wear

Back to the game
The Wildcats came out of the locker room pumped up & ready to play

Ryan's defense ready to hit somebody!

Here his defense caused a fumble and recovered it...so very exciting...
...until the ref called it an incomplete pass...WHAT...there was NO forward motion in that QB's arm...it was a FUMBLE...I want a replay.

Here is Ryan arguing the call (he is on the right side of the photo) while Hud, the head coach (on the left side of the photo), is telling him to chill out before getting kicked out of the game.
Stupid call...Stupid REF

Making another key play
And although Ryan's defense held the BEST team in their league to only 17 points...the Eagles beat the Wildcats on their homecoming night.
WCHS Wildcats 0 -
SDO Eagles 17

And because we didn't score during the game...they shot off all of the fireworks after the game was over! (they were going to shoot them off after each score!)

Saturday October 2, 2010
Cobras vs. Jaguars

The McCraken boys and their team on their way to weigh-in

Brendan was SO excited...He was a Captain this game!

The game was a very exciting game...hard hitting and physical

Both boys played both sides of the ball this week...which made for an even more exciting game

They played their usual positions on offense (center & guard)
but on defense Brendan played Defensive Tackle and Colin was an Outside Linebacker

They were evenly matched teams...we scored first making the score 6-0
Then they tied it up 6-6

Then they scored making it a 6-12 game

And then we scored right back...tying it up again 12-12

And then they scored taking back the lead AND got the extra point this try...I wish they would have stopped doing that! 19-12

4th Q we are down 12-19...we need just one more touchdown to tie it up and go into overtime

Now we just needed the extra point to tie it up...In little league to get the extra point you have to run it in (harder to kick for the little ones)

So we line up...Colin snaps the ball...everyone makes their blocks...QB hands it off...runner gets into the end zone...crowd goes WILD...


the line judge calls it good and the head ref calls it no good...WHAT...so head ref turns and says to the line judge (so our players can hear) ..."I am not staying to do overtime...it was NO GOOD."


And that was the end of the game...the parents were FURIOUS...but tried our best to be supportive and upbeat for the team (the hardest thing EVER)

Those poor kids were devistated...confused...distraught...overwhelmed...angry...

Final Score
Cobras 18 -
Jaguars 19

But that CRAP call didn't damper our spirits for too long as we headed to Peter Piper Pizza for a team pizza party for the players and cheerleaders...


Jenilee said...

the boys cheering is hilarious! I bet it was very funny in person, especially knowing the players. so fun!

The Bug said...

LOVE your football posts - & I'm not even a huge football fan. But you're so into it that it drags me along LOL.

Oh my heavens those "cheerleaders" were hysterical - love how game they were. I like it when people don't mind looking foolish for a laugh.

All I have to say about that ref is that you should make sure he's not calling any more of your games. I can't BELIEVE that!

Robyn said...

Love your football posts. It all looks like soo much fun! I would have loved seeing the guys at the half time show for powder puff, looking like tons of fun all together. You are such a lucky, Blessed lady!

-stephanie- said...

Nice ref....not wanting to do overtime. Grrr. I'm mad with you.

Love the recap though as always.

Bridget said...

Boo on the refs and their bad calls. Love the pics, especially the ones of the Powder Puff game-I played Powder Puff my Senior year.

Becca said...

Wow!!! What a fun week for y'all!!


Cathy said...

What a great week of football, but I have to say my favorite is the boys cheering and the pizza!! lol

Tiffany said...

Oh those are some horrible calls! Grr...I would be arguing too!

What? No Homecoming fun? Seriously? Why call it homecoming then?

And those Powder Puff guys look absolutely fabulous!

RaD said...

No way! I would have had a hard time keeping my "good sportsmanship attitude" in front of my children if that happened. I hope someone got his name and reported him to the company, possible even the football league. That is so ridiculous!

Love the powderpuff game, so cute!

Our homecoming was much more than that too. I guess it just depends on where you come from.

Bits-n-Pieces said...

all i can hear in my head is Hank Williams, Jr singing, "ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL????" lol

awww man! bad call! bad ref!, but yes, pizza really does make everything better!!

He & Me + 3 said...

Good grief...I can't believe I just read all that after I already heard you tell me all the stories on the phone. LOL I am a devoted friend and blogger :) Great pictures of all the action. Yeah for the girls being crowned...How fun for them

Foursons said...

No way, that ump needs to be fired. How wrong! Glad the pizza party made up for it.