Monday, October 11, 2010

Football Frenzy

Friday October 8, 2010
WCHS Wildcats vs. BGHS Bulldogs

Before the kick-off...the coin tossSee #7...yea...that's our quaterback and our kicker. He's not playing. Last week during our homecoming game he tore most of the ligaments in his left knee. Not good. He is done for the season. Sad but true.

And the game begins...
Defense ready to hit somebody

Ryan calling in the play
Bringing down the runner
The other team's quarterback did not have such a good night. Ryan's defense hit him 14 times. 14 times. 7 of those hits were sacks. OUCH.

The boys love being on the sidelines as ball boys...being so close to the action. Watching everything all of the time!

This is G, our running back. He is a.w.e.s.o.m.e. and the nicest kid too. Just in this game alone he ran for 215 yards.

A lot of his runs end up in the endzone for a
The Wildcats had a great game and Ryan's defense did an amazing job keeping the Bulldogs outta the red zone...until his 2nd & 3rd string went in. In the last 5 minutes of the game they scored twice, which did not make Ryan very happy...but nonetheless the Wildcats bring home a WIN!

Head Coach's wife, Dawn, and I in the stands after the WIN. We usually are together every Friday for dinner before the game and then in the stands together during the game. Lots of fun!
WCHS Wildcats 40 -
BGHS Bulldogs 13

Great job Cats!

This Friday we play away. Far Away. 3 hours away. I may not be making the trek. We will see.

Saturday October 9, 2010
Cobras vs. Suns

The Suns. What can I say about the Suns? Except that when we met them on Saturday they were undefeated and usually beat their opponents by at least 30 points. Sigh.

We were at the same HS as last week which did not excite any of us. Last week was not fun. We had our doubts about this game. But the boys played theirs hearts out.

Brendan in his new position on defense, Defensive Tackle. He did a great job. Standing behind him is Colin in his new defensive position, outside linebacker. He is loving playing on defense and did a great job as well.

Brendan & Colin both getting in on this tackle
Way to bring him down boys!

Player is on bottom of pile and doesn't get up...they have to roll him over...never a good sign...that player is your son...or in this case...MY SON.

Colin was dog piled...meaning that at least 11 players were on top of him. He was on the bottom. He was OK. Just a little shaken up and a sore leg. He came off of the field for 2 plays and went back in. He is a fighter. He is a GREAT football player.

Colin bringing down the ball handler and Brendan helping make a tackle
This was a MUCH better game than last week. All of the coaches stayed on the field. No smack talk. Classy parents. It was a great game. We lost. But it was a GREAT game. We held the Suns to 13 points...13 points. That was the least amount of points they had scored in any of their games this season thus far. Pretty impressive. Thier coach was impressed. He was also a little mad!! lol

Cobras 0 -
Suns 13

Cobras Coaches said that this was the best game the Cobras have played this season by far. They played as a team. They played together. They fought. They did great.

This was our last regular season game...onto the play-offs and bowl games. We do not know where or when but we are ready!

Here's to next week...


-stephanie- said...

Yay for the win and boo for the loss but yay for the great game they played.
Glad to hear that Colin is OK. Scary stuff.
You should be a sports writer, you do such a great job at this. :o)

RaD said...

I know when my son took a baseball to the face how scary that was (and how hard it is not to go to them right away) I can't imagine him being on the bottom of the dog pile.

Yay! for the win and Yay! for the team effort!

He & Me + 3 said...

So glad my colin boy is ok. That would have freaked me out to see the pile on him. Yeah for Ryan's team winning and even though the boys didn't win it is nice when they play hard and play as a team. That is great.