Saturday, March 19, 2011

On The Courts...

Last 2 basketball games of the season

Game 7
Saturday February 26, 2011

Brendan & the Yellow Scorpions are up first

Going in for the bucket

Passing it in
playing a little (or alotta) defense!

The Scorpions come away with another win...and once again they stopped keeping score since they were up by so many buckets!

Great job Scorpions!

Next game and Colin is up with the Demons

taking it down the court

He is a monster on offense!
Even with all of that awesome offense the Demons still could not pull out a win, but lost by 3 measly sad

22-25One more week of basketball
Scorpions win
Demons lose

Game 8
Saturday March 5, 2011
Last game of the season

Colin & the Demons up first
Colin was able to go up for the jump ball....
...and got it! Way to go Colin!

Making his free throw

taking it down the court

playing a lotta defense

AND THE DEMONS WIN (finally!!)

Way to go Demons!!

Next Up...
Brendan & the Scorpions turn
Let's go Boys
Brendan got to do the jump ball for his game too AND won it!

shoots and scores


...and once again they were up by so many points they stopped keeping score and the Scorpions win again in their final game...

And that's the season
Scorpions finish 7-1
Demons finish 4-4
Great season Boys...
Now onto baseball season!


Bridget said...

Loved your basketball season pictures, and can't wait for the baseball ones. Kyle wanted nothing to do with baseball this year...he signed up for track instead. WHEE!

Foursons said...

You did such a great job keeping up with all the games this season. I am very impressed with you! Glad both boys ended on a high note and next year they can be on the same team, right?

Enjoy baseball, Jakob just had his first game last night. His team lost, but they played really well for their first game.

RaD said...

Hope you weather is better than ours has been for baseball season. Today was supposed to be opening day but we've been having soooo much rain this week a lot of the baseball fields are either underwater or a muddy mess. And it's still coming down pretty hard today.