Monday, March 28, 2011

Diaries of a Baseball Mom...

Every year our little league baseball season has opening ceremonies at the beginning of a spring training game at our city's baseball stadium. This is the 6th year (I think!) that the boys have participated in this fun event. Before the start of the game all of the players and coaches get to walk the warning track while the crowd goes maybe they don't go wild, but it is a proud mama moment!!
We usually get there early enough to grab some great lawn seats and watch batting practice. This year Brendan snagged this ball from a Josh Hamilton homerun!! The pitcher for the Mariners signed it for him while he was on the field!

Watching batting practice from the lawn
Since they are too far apart in age this year, they are on 2 different teams (lucky me!) so here they are with their teammates watching the field waiting for the call to go to the warning track.

Brendan, Kayla, Colin

And here they come...the 2011 players and coaches in the Babe Ruth Softball League and the Cal Ripken Baseball League. This year there are over 1800 players ranging in age from 5-15, t-ball to coach pitch to kid pitch to majors....Colin's team is in the kid pitch division and Brendan's team is in the majors...big time!

Colin is looking up at me as he and his teammates walk onto the field

He is the one in front...#14

Brendan and Ryan bring up the rear...Brendan is #9

After all of the players and coaches walk the warning track they come into the stands and we get to stay and watch the game. We always pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the sun while watching the game.
Today the Texas Rangers beat the Seattle Mariners

And let the season begin...

Tonight is our first game...Well Brendan's first game...Colin plays on Thursday and then both boys play again on Saturday. Yep...this will be my season since they are on 2 different teams!


sara said...

yea for the Rangers!!!!

so happy for BB season to start....I'm not a big basketball fan.

We had the same type of opening ceremonies when my kids were playing...I always loved those days!

Tiffany said...

So baseball season:)

Jules said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. Now you have two teams to cheer on. So fun!

RaD said...

Since I have a boy and a girl this is always how our season is. This week we have practice tonight for B, game tomorrow for B and practice for E, but he won't make practice because I have to scorekeep B's game. Then a game on Thursday for E and two games on Saturday. So fun!

Your opening ceremonies are way cooler than ours!

Foursons said...

Well of course the Rangers won!! :)

My Nolan is named after their owner by the way. Just one of those useless pieces of information for you.

So cool that they got a ball from Josh Hamilton. That is my Josh's favorite player.

He & Me + 3 said...

Wish that was how our opening ceremonies...or the start of baseball started for us. How fun. Yeah for the autograph and the josh hamilton ball. Cool. Tell bren that #9 is my number.