Sunday, March 6, 2011

Project 365

A picture a day for 365 days...a year's worth of fun!


Colin put up this sign on his door on Sunday afternoon...
...and here is the pirate he is talking about...

The story behind the pirate you ask...his dad was a pirate (in hs) and in the foyer of the high school there is a mosaic pirate head and if you stepped on it and were caught, you had to clean it with a tooth brush!! Well...Colin wants to be a pirate more than words can say but sadly we now live 2100 miles this is the closest thing to Colin being a pirate...just like dad!!

Monday~60/365Monday night...LAST night of basketball practice...YAY...BUT wait...don't get to practice starts NEXT Monday!!

Tuesday night was kindergarten round up at school from 5-7pm. All of the kindergarten teachers were there to meet the incoming kinder students. These were the kindergarten school readiness kit that the United Way gave us to hand out...they were actually really very cool with lots of summer activities, 3 books, CD and school supplies!

Wednesday~62/365Wednesday we had a baby shower at school for a teacher who is having her first girl after 4 boys...she is so very excited to be getting some pink in her house!


This week started Read Across America month and celebrates Dr. Seuss' birthday! My class had lots of fun reading books written my Dr. Seuss. My fav...The Cat in the Hat!


Friday was the Spring Fling at school...Brendan was too cool to go so Colin and I went. The first pic is Colin with is best friend Alex and the second pic is of the 2 of them in a dance contest...they had a blast and came in second!!


Saturday was the last Saturday of basketball season...thank goodness, not one of my fav sports! So after their games they each were awarded participation trophies. And now that basketball season is over...bring on baseball starts Monday!

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Alicia said...

Oh, so cute! I love that they came in 2nd!!!!

And love his note on the door! "I repeat.." LOL

Jenilee said...

after 4 boys, I bet she is ready for some pink! It probably was fun for you to buy some pink too :)


Loved the pirate head note. That is too cute. I love Cat in the hat. I love Dr. Seuss pretty much anything. I think those basketball trophies are fabulous. Congrats on that.

The Bug said...

Those UW kits sound really cool! Kids need all the help they can get these days...

Love the pirate story - it's a good thing he doesn't have sisters - I would have been jumping up & down on it just to be contrary :)

He & Me + 3 said...

I had a baby shower the other week too. Didn't know what she was having though. Made buying so boring.
Love the pirate story...I have heard it so many times :)
Great note on the door Colin. Love it!

sara said...

yep, I choose baseball over basketball any day!!!

the warning on the door is hilarious!

Tiffany said...

I love when they leave notes on their doors. So fun to watch them express themselves. And WOOHOO for pink and baseball season! We are itching to go to the Rockies new stadium right now.

rita said...

Sports and stories,
pinks and pirate heads,
Seuss' cat and Spring fling,
All in all-good!

Bits-n-Pieces said...

i love the pirate head story!!!!

Foursons said...

I love Collin's sign! Complete coolness.

I've been reading about your adventures in Cali on FB and I'm oh so jealous. We went on an excursion around our neighbor on our bikes. That is probably as exciting as it will get for us this week. :)