Sunday, March 27, 2011

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Sunday March 20, 2011

This is a fun aiming game that the boys got from one of their friends. Get the ping pong ball in the cup...that's it...but at our house it has become the EXTREME game of get the ping pong ball in the cup game!!


Monday March 21, 2011

Tonight was supposed to be the boys opening night of baseball...first game of the season...mother nature had other plans and here in AZ, on this first full day of spring, the temperature didn't get near where it needed to be (for AZ) and it rained ALL games were canceled and I came home and curled up with a nice mug of steaming hot tea while my new Gold Canyon Dazzle Berry candle burned the cold night away.

Tuesday~82/365 Tuesday March 22, 2011

Brendan has joined the Fitness Club at school on Tuesday afternoons. It is facilitated by one of our PE teachers and he teaches the kids the correct and safe way to stay fit while having fun! Here is Brendan doing one of the exercises...mind you this pic was taken after club was over and all of the other kids were gone...heaven forbid I embarrass him by taking pics during fitness club!!


Wednesday March 23, 2011

Kayla cutting Brendan's hair for school pics tomorrow


Thursday March 24,2011


Today we celebrated Ryan's thritysomething birthday. Sadly he woke up not feeling so well...bad head cold and since the boys had baseball practice after school we will really celebrate on Saturday!


Friday March 25, 2011

This is what we came home from school to find...our sliding glass door shattered. We think our landscaper must have shot a rock while fixing up the backyard, which hit the door and shattered it. Sadly they were gone when we got home and now they are not answering any calls or texts from us...we are NOT so happy.


Saturday March 26, 2011

Saturday was a fun busy day for us....Colin was invited to sing in our school districts elementary school honor choir. Twenty elementary schools in our district sent their best singers for an awesome performance of a Disney melody...Colin did AWESOME! I was so very proud of him!

After the concert we had our family birthday party at our house to celebrate Brendan's birthday, my sister Jennifer's birthday and Ryan's birthday (all March babies!) I made shrimp boil for dinner...OH MY YUMMINESS!!!

And when there's a birthday party there's gotta be presents!! Here is Brendan with the last of his birthday stash!!

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-stephanie- said...

Looks like quite the week.
Cold weather, the sickies, broken glass...not so fun. Get the ping pong in the cup, good fitness, birthdays and presents, new hairdo, yummy candles, and cherub singers...makes for a better week. Hope your next week is warmer.

He & Me + 3 said...

How did the hair cut turn out? That ping pong game does look fun. a different spin on ants in the pants? Oops on the door. That happened to my car window while driving past some guys cutting grass. Thank God Stunt Man was not sitting in his usual seat. (happened 2 years ago) Crazy.
I will trust you on the oh my yumminess...I am not a fan of shrimp, or other seafood. Gah! Just one girls taste buds. LOL Looks healthy though.
So proud of my godson. Hope you video taped it.

Bridget said...

Looks like a great week! Happy Birthday to Ryan and hope he's feeling better! I love "boils", my brother in law makes one that rocks!!

RaD said...

Happy Belated Birthday Ryan!

Sorry about your opening game, we can totally relate. Our season has yet to start due to the rain. The fields are so saturated right now. Bethany is due to have a game on Tuesday, but at this rate even if the sun came out it still may not be dry enough. Wednesday and Thursday are supposed to be full on sun so Elisha might have a chance.

That ping pong game reminds me of a minute to win it sort of thing. I'm sure everyone has a blast with it.

Congrats to Colin on being invited to sing in the choir. I'm sure you were quite proud.

sara said...

if your house is like my house...every game becomes EXTREME!

That shrimp boil looks YUMMY!!! That is one of my favorites!

Lisa said...

Your candle evening sounds wonderful!!

What a bummer about your door...looks like that will be a project to deal with.

The Cyber Hermit said...

What a week - birthdays, shrimp boils and mysteriously shattering doors! Best wishes for bithdays and I hope you get the door situation resolved quickly. Oh, and save me some shrimp boil!

The Bug said...

Ouch on the door - too bad they probably know they damaged it & won't fess up :(

That's great that Colin is singing in the choir - I'm glad he's getting that experience.

Happy birthday to your March boys!

Foursons said...

Happy Birthday to Ryan! I love that shot of him. A funeral picture for sure. *grin*

I would have been so mad about my door and then probably been out to hurt someone when they started ignoring my calls because they didn't want to own up to their mistake. Aargh.

Tiffany said...

What a week! Looks like tons of fun, except for the glass. Boo on people who dont take responsibility! And happy birthday to the boys!

~Laura said...

Wow, that is a lot of food. Hope you are able to get intouch with your landscaping people...that's no fun.

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

looks like a fun filled week. hope you found some baseball weather to get that season started. sorry about the broken window, how annoying that they won't even return your call to at least be able to deny it