Saturday, July 25, 2009

...And Kennedy Makes 3!

I actually have 2 moments in 1 this week! As many of you know, I have an 11 year old niece, Kennedy. When she was younger she used to spend a lot of time with us, but now that she is getting older, a TWEEN, her visits are becoming fewer and fewer. We love it when she comes though! This past week, she came for 3 days to spend with us before school starts! We did a lot of swimming, playing, and hanging out! I am gonna miss the day when she decides she is too cool to come stay and play with the McCrakens! So for now, I will cherish the times and turn them into great memories!
One of the fun things we did this past week was night swimming! We turned on the pool lights, light the tikki torches, plugged in our camping lights and jumped right in! We were out in the pool until 10 pm.
We also turned the aerator on, which circulates the cooler water from the bottom of the pool and sprinkles it over the top of the water! The kids love it because it is 2 in 1 fun...a pool & sprinkler!
They loved jumping right through it!

Hanging out...

So not only will I miss it when Kennedy chooses friends over us, (I know it is coming...she will be a teenager soon!) but I will also miss it when the boys think it is too cool for a night swim with mom!!

Thanks Pam for hosting this fun weekly meme and for more You're Gonna Miss This moments, be sure to blog on over!


Pam said...

2 weeks!!! eek... i think we start in 3 weeks!! and with football it seems like it is pretty much over after this coming week!! the boys will be doing 2 a days, and then scrimages 2 weekends then games!!! eek!! sports make things so much shorter!! oh well! great moments! glad your neice came over and spent time with her cousins!! my kids love being with their cousins!

Tina said...


Great pictures.....isn't it wonderful when you can just stay home and have a great time as a family!

We LOVE our pool and have had so many fun memories swimming....also was so nice when the girls were teenagers because it kept them home and I knew what was going on with them!

We have a Kennedi also, but ours is only 8 months old!

Come by my blog and visit I have a little somehing for you.....

He & Me + 3 said...

What fun! Night time swims are so fun and no sunscreen! I love the jumping picture!

Stacy said...

The the thought of not having to apply sunscreen is priceless!!!

You got some great pictures!

christy rose said...

Stacey, I love your pictures and your description of your fun night with your boys. Night swimming is the best for me. there is something so much more relaxing about it. Anyway, I found you from Miti's at Pieces of Me. I love your blog and I am glad to meet you. I plan to return when I have more time to get to know you better. I would love it if you would stop by and meet me and my family too if you are interested.
Hope to see you soon,
Christy Rose

Sneaky Momma said...

Summer really is coming to a close, isn't it? Sniff, sniff.
I can see why you'd miss a pool full of kiddos. Looks like so much fun! I think it's wonderful that you get to spend so much time with your niece. :)

Anonymous said...

Cool pics!

Mocha Momma said...

I love the night time swimming. I've only done that once and it was so fun.

I hope Kennedy will always want to visit. I used to enjoy going to anyone's house... cousins , grandparents, my folks' friends, no matter.

I enjoyed all ages of people. Maybe your niece and boys will too.

Enjoy your last days before school starts. Your summer has been fun for me to watch.

Maybe you should paint during the Spring break next year. Oh, you guys are so busy with sports.

Some day you'll get those rooms painted.