Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Baskets for Bucks

After the long 14 hour drive from AZ to CO....we finally made it safely! We ended up leaving Sunday night about 7:30 pm. Ryan decided that he would drive through the night so that we would be able to get there about lunch time on Monday. In preparation of our night drive, Ryan slept most of Sunday. The boys did really well; they watched movies, played video games, and slept. I dozed on and off as well, but spent most of my time reading. Once we arrived at Aunt L & Uncle B's house, we hung out and ate lunch. We thank God for a very uneventful and safe trip; there and back!Most nights after dinner, the basketball net came out of the garage for some baskets for bucks! What's that you may ask?!...Well, Uncle B would watch as each cousin would shoot, AND if you made the basket, then you got a buck!
BUT, if you missed then...
...you did push ups!! 5 push ups to be exact (for every basket missed!)

All of the cousins had so much fun cheering each other on, whether it was for baskets or push ups!

Colin trying for his buck!

Cousin D who is only a sophomore in HS!
Nice vertical, wouldn't ya say?!

Colin doing his 5

Brendan shoots and scores!

The youngest of the cousins, A, gets help from her dad!

Brendan says 'Show me the money'!!!


Stacy said...

Night driving is the best but I am always to excited to sleep before the big drive..lol. Nice way to earn some money..lol!

Stephanie said...

What a cute idea! How much money did they earn?

Kelly said...

great idea...make a buck or 2 & exercise!!!
can not wait to hear more.
Preston likes driving @ nite better too.

E @ Scottsville said...

Man, I think I like that idea! I wanna play! Cuz if I make the basket, I get moolah. If I miss the basket, I get muscles!

Either way - I win!!!

Great game!

Tim said...

WOW if thats not great motivation, I dont know what is! How much fun was that? What I wouldnt give to be young and have grandparents again.

Love and Prayers,


Carrie said...

So fun! NOt a bad way to get some moolah! I wouldn't make much...but I could definitely get in shape! Glad you made it safely!

Alicia said...

LOL...what a good idea!!!

Mocha Momma said...

Nice uncle! Glad you all made it safely. Hope you are having a fantastic time.

Keep cool and enjoy some down time.

Thanks for your supportive words.
Take care

He & Me + 3 said...

I totally need some of that green stuff. while Brendan is sleeping tonight i will steal some of his money...where is he keeping it these days?