Friday, July 24, 2009

When The Coaches Are Away, The Wives (&kids) Will Play!

So most of you know that my husband coaches high school football, and it's not just a fall sport. Yes, yes, it is a year round sport with a few weeks off throughout the year. And even though we are both teachers and have the summer off, he is still at school Monday thru Thursday from 7-10am for conditioning and passing, and once a week for passing league and one Saturday passing camp. My husband has been coaching for longer than I have known him and has played the sport since...forever! When I met him, I had 2 choices, learn football or find a new boyfriend!!! Guess what I chose?! It's kinda in his genes though, since his dad and uncle were both college football coaches!
Here he is on a Friday night from last season where he is the Assistant Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator for the WCHS Wildcats! I must say that I have come to love Fridays and watching him on the sidelines! The boys and I are his biggest fans!
Here is Ryan with the Head Coach Hud...or Mutt and Jeff!
Doesn't Ryan look like Hud's Mini Me?!

So this past Sunday, the players and coaches loaded up in a big charter bus and headed 4 hours North-East for cooler weather and football camp. This is a yearly event where I think the coaches have more fun then the players!

So since they are away, why not have a little fun! Once you are a coach's wife, you are kinda in a club! We are fondly referred to as 'football widows'! Nice name, don't ya think?! So we stick together! Hud's wife, Dawn, and I have become very good friends, and so have our kids! We hang out every Friday during the season and lots during the summer! And today was one of those days! We headed to the bowling alley for a few games!The kids had so much fun!

After bowling, we headed here for lunch! It was the best place to go since everyone wanted different things!Brendan said, "If you want to eat like a king, eat here!"
Isn't that funny?!...he thought Golden Corral was the best! And for those of you who don't know this restaurant, it is a home style buffet place with tons of choices! I personally think he wanted to go there for the dessert bar!

After lunch, we went back to Dawn's house for a little swimming!
And it was so hot, that they jumped right in!
Well the boys came back late last night and they have today off! They will continue summer conditioning next week, and start 'real' practices the week of August 3. They will hold double sessions for 2 days and then start afternoon practices as we start school August 10 already! (aagggghhh!) And on top of Ryan's football schedule, both boys are playing Pop Warner Tackle this fall, which means just as much practice for them!
It's a good thing I Love Football!!!
Ryan's first game is August 28 and the boys' first game is August 29.
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Stephanie said...

Fun!!!! Football for you is like baseball for's just not year round :) Baseball starts back up for fallball in a few weeks...geez how bout a break somewhere in between :)

Stacy said...

We enjoy bowling too!!!

Y'all have a busy sports

He & Me + 3 said...

What fun. Love that picture of all the shoes lined up. Look at you getting creative! You are too funny. Love all the kids posing too. Cute!
You are so cute in that visor hat thingy. a good look for you! You fun mom!

E @ Scottsville said...

Oh, that looks so fun! Glad you got to enjoy that time with the kids and friends. Woo hoo.

NOW, do me a favor and go look at your comment that you left on Five Moms and a Blog and see what's wrong with it. It cracked me up... thus my comment that I left directly below yours. =0)

McCrakensx4 said...

Been there and laughed! Thanks for the heads up!!! Fried brain does NOT look good on a kindergarten teacher!!

kimert said...

Ah, the wonderful life as a Coach's wife! I LOVE LOVE LOVE mine! And no matter what anyone says, there is something quite remarkable about a lady who proudly wears the title "football widow" for at least 12 weeks out of the year without giving much thought to it at all. Well, I guess I give a lot of thought to it, but SO many people don't even realzie the actual amount of time our guys give to the sport and the boys! It really is a yearly sport. I love every minute of it though!!

Looks like you guys had a LOT of fun! I love to see staffs where the whole gang is so close. After a tough year with much drama last season I am finally looking forward to a great 09-10 football season with a lot of lovely ladies!

Amber said...

Golden Corral, bowling & swimming...sounds like SO much fun.

I loved when you wrote, 'get a new boyfriend or learn about football'...funny stuff!

Following Him said...

Football is a FULL time sport...gotcha there! Glad the widows band together and enjoy the summer as well.

Mocha Momma said...

Reminds me of one of my favorite movies "Facing The Giants". The coach and his wife.

Busy schedule, but it sounds like you all enjoy the good times together.

Go for that Letterboxing at least once before school starts.

It sure starts early there.

Have a fun weekend,

Alicia said...

LOL, my kids love buffets too!!!

Those are great pictures, Stacey! Your husband has such a genuine smile!!!

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Tim said...

We love to bowl, its so much fun and a family sport at that! We always try and see how high a score we can get together so there is no competition.

Thanks for the comments on the awards. I hope you accept them too since you are one of my best bloggy friends!

Have a great weekend!

Love and Prayers,