Saturday, September 12, 2009

2 Games + 2 Losses = 4 Sad McCrakens!

And the fact that our computer is still NOT being NOT making my weekend any happier...Oy Vey...what a couple of days!

Day 1...Game1...Loss 1

Last night Ryan's team, the WCHS Wildcats, played the #9 team in the NATION...we thought it was gonna be bad, really bad, but in all reality, it wasn't that bad...we only lost 42-6! There was a very scary moment at the end of the game however...a moment NO football mom EVER wants to see...a player, her son, down and not moving...with 2 minutes left in the game one of our linemen went down and didn't get up; he had no feeling in his extremities. They called the game, the players shook hands & left the field and the coach's wives prayed in the stands. Dash was taken to the hospital by ambulance and later released, thankfully, at 4am with strict instructions to rest for the next couple of days. That did not make for a fun night! We didn't get home until 11pm, which makes for 2 very tired & cranky boys the next morning!

Day 2...Game 2...Loss 2

We were once up at the buutcrackofdawn to head over an hour away for a 10:00am game. We have to be to the field by 8:15am for pre-game and I needed to get gas, so that meant we were up and out by 6:45am! And as you remember last week, it was damp, cold and rainy...well today was the extreme opposite...over 100* with hot hot hot sun!!! The game started on time and both teams were well matched, but unfortunately for the Cobra's, the Vipers had just a bit more get up and go get'em!!! The game ended with the final being 12-6...not to bad! The boys both had good games, although I had one of those dreaded football mom moments...Brendan went down and didn't get back up...WHAT?! Deja'vu from last night...only this time it was ME . I didn't even see the hit and wasn't aware that it was even him; one of the other moms had to come and get by the time I got over to where he was, the paramedics already had his pads off and were examining him. I layed my hand on his shoulder and prayed over him right then and there..."what happened?", I asked. "Helmet to helmet contact with Brendan pulling the other player down on top of him then causing them to hit helmets again and Brendan to bang his helmet on the ground...HARD." , the paramedic said. He checked out OK and was sent to the sidelines with strict instructions to rest and hydrate and I was told to be on the lookout for a concussion. He has been home for a few hours and is doing fine...back to himself
never do I want for that to happen again, although with this only being his 2nd year in tackle, I am sure there will be lots I will continue to pray over them.
Who said being a football mom was easy?!

Well...that was our 2 games and 2 losses...
Wildcats 6 - Coyotes 42
Cobras 6 - Vipers 12
I am VERY grateful that Dash & Brendan will be back to their tackling selves very soon.
God is GOOD all the time.

Hopefully pictures to come soon!!!!


Following HIM said...

I am so glad Brendan is okay! Going down is so scary and I wish no one was ever hurt! GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!!! You are so right!

Stacy said...

Oh my I bet that was very scary!! Thank the Lord everyone is OK.

Sorry about the loses maybe next week will be better!

Stephanie said...

Wow!!!!!!! I'm so thankful that both Brendan and Dash are doing well! That is exactly why we do not play football...don't get me wrong I know they can get hurt in baseball and Lord knows if that ball hits them in the face of head when going fast it could cause some serious damage but football players get hurt so much more often. Scary stuff!!!!!!! I'm so happy everything is okay...I'm sorry they lost but at least you have a healthy boy home with you tonight :)

Debra said...


I'm so glad I finally can get back to you! I could not believe what you wrote. If you noticed on my post, I didn't say too much about the game other than the win and posting a few pictures....why? The other team had a player go down and same scenario...could not get fact, he was face down and could not move and our doctors went out to him and he could move nothing.

The paramedics had just left with another one of the opposing players and it was one of the hardest hitting games I have ever seen. At one point, I teared up and just prayed Josh would not get put back in...I was so scared.

The boy never got up Stacey...they had to call the helicopter and clear the field. His parents finally came running down and just to see his mother's fear, I was crying along with most of the mother's there.

Jay began to pray over him and Josh's team went down to the end of the field and took a knee and huddled and prayed for him. I think the other team was in shock, as was their coach. They just stood there and it was heart breaking.

When the chopper landed on the field and took him, everyone stood up and gave him an ovation but you could tell it everyone just wanted to go home.

I have not heard anything on him today. I can't get any local information and it's driving me crazy. I guess I will have to wait until Josh goes to practice on Monday...I just keep praying for him.

Needless to say I think we need to be in agreement with each other on Fridays....I'll be praying for your guys (no more concussions!) and you be praying for mine. There's power in prayer, my friend.

Love ya bunches. (sorry this was so long)

Debra said...
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kimert said...

how scary!! So glad both boys are ok! Sorry for the losses though.

Mocha Momma said...

Sounds like you've had an exciting and nerve racking weekend. I hope the boys will be fine soon.

As for our striking teachers...
some of the parents are collecting money to help the teachers pay the fines. They have a lot of parents backing them up on this.

That's a lot of teacher's fines to pay though. I just don't see how they can afford to keep striking.

They want smaller class sizes which I agree with. Some teachers interviewed said they are not going back on the 14th. long will this strike last? UGH!

More later!

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh that is just terrible. I would have probably passed out from fear. Thank God both of them checked out OK. SCARY stuff BATMAN. That is why i am so afraid to let STunt man start Football, but Agent is dead set on him playing. Grrrr. Just being overprotective mama.

E @ Scottsville said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the games. And wow, what scarey moments. We had one of those moments last year with a player... and even a couple of months later, they weren't sure if he'd ever walk again. Praise God he is up and able bodied! God is good.

Why exactly do we let our sons play this sport again? {{shiver}}

Wibeche og Rune said...

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christy rose said...

Oh My goodness! What an experience. I can not imagine the feelings your must have had. I am so glad that Brendan is Ok! I can't imagine being a football mom without Jesus!

Everyday Mom Designs said...

Wow that is so scary!! I'm so glad the boys are doing well...

I just saw your comment on my page.. Is there a certain boy theme you're wanting? Or certain sports? Or colors? Let me know and I can try to get some done.. At the very least, I will do some generic boy pages when I'm done with the group of pages that I am doing right now..

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Ouch! That does sound scary! But praise God that both boys are ok. Hope next week goes much better!

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Oh man. I hope those 2 get better really quickly. I am having a really hard time with that. I don't think that I want QB to play next year. It is a little too tough for me and honestly...I don't like the tackle part.

Kim said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and for the nice compliment! I really hope your boys are rested and doing well after their games. I hope you are hanging in there too. Have a great week!

-stephanie- said...

That is some scary stuff. Good to know they are OK. Hope the weather cools off soon. That's gotta be tough to play in such heat. Hoping for wins next week.