Monday, October 5, 2009

Football Frenzy

Friday's game took us to Phoenix where the Wildcats took on the Eagles.
The coin toss
Ryan doing his thing...

During a time out...

The Wildcats did not fare to well...the final score was
Eagles 38 - Wildcats 14.
It was so sad that we didn't even get to see Ryan after the game. The team & coaches went right for the buses after the final horn sounded.
...Better luck next week Wildcats...

And onto Saturday with the Cobras!
Our game was at 2 in the afternoon...another HOT day on the field!
Here come the boys after their weigh in...Colin weighed in at 91.4 lbs!
How awesome is that?!?

The Cobras played their 'sister' Mighty Mite team, who is also in our league, the Stealth. They (the other team) played some street ball...a lot of holding and penalties took place, but the Cobras held their own and did great playing smart football!

It was a long game, but all of the boys did great!

And the final...
Cobras 26 - Stealth 13
What an AWESOME game!

The team cheering in their after game huddle

After the WIN, the team and cheerleaders headed to Peter Piper Pizza for a V.I.C.T.O.R.Y. party!
Way to go boys! You did GREAT!

Our business manager, (and head coach's wife) keeps telling me to feed my kid (since he keeps losing weight!) Rest assured, he probably ate his weight in pizza after the game!

After the food, fun, friends, and WIN!!

Until next week....
Go Wildcats!
Go Cobras!


Carrie said...

{Sorry I've been absent too! Thanks for all your sweet comments :) }

Those are awesome pics! Sorry about the must be hard not to give you husband some love and encouragement right after the game. And WAY TO GO Cobras! I can't get over how big and tough they are in their uniforms and then show their sweet faces :)

Great weekend...I miss the warm weather around here...the high's have only been in the 50's and 60's!

Carin said...

Looks like another football filled weekend. And it just looks like so much FUN! We start this week. Three practices then just games until the end of the month. Looks like your kids have really nice uniforms! Tell me, is the helmet REALLY hard to get off their heads?? It's cool here so football will mean packing the blankets! Sure love your posts, it's fun knowing another football mom... one who can mentor me =) LOL

He & Me + 3 said...

Get Ryan some smaller pants would you? LOL He is looking so great with his weight loss and so is my boy Colin. Wow He is a trooper and must have a heart for football to keep up with his diet at such a young age. So proud of him. Great job Cobras! You guys rock!
Love you all!

kimert said...

Great pics!! Man that pizza looks good! Way to go team!!!

Darcie said...

Ok...its only 8:30 in the morning, and I WANT PIZZA!!!! Great win for the kids...yeah!

Jane Anne said...

That pizza makes me want to celebrate! Congrats to the Cobras. I hope the Wilcats have good week of practice. A new week equals a new game coming up, right?!

Love the pictures!

Jules said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend!! Football is the best! The only sport I like actually.

Debra said...

Wow! Loved to see Coach Ryan doing his thing....I know you are so proud!

Loved the Cobra!

and that pizza looks yummy! Love ya Stacey...Have a great week, my friend.

Stephanie said...

Sorry about Wilcats but it's awesome that the boys won their game :)

The pizza looks so yummy...I can see why they ate so much!

E @ Scottsville said...

Oh congratulations to the Cobras. I'm sorry about the Wildcats. Get 'em next time!!!

That pizza picture is making me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hungry! Man, now I'm craving pizza BAD!

Garrett Family said...

Great pictures - I love it when they tell a story and feel like you are right there!

The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

Phew ee.. I'm tired just looking at all this football!!Looks like it was tons of fun though but now I've got this weird craving for pizza.. hmmm?

christy rose said...

Your pics are always so good. What a fun time you are all having this football season! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Stacy said...

Sorry wildcats lost but WAY TO GO COBRAS!!!!

That pizza looks YUMMY!

-stephanie- said...

what a way to celebrate a win. Woo hoo.