Monday, October 26, 2009

Football Frenzy

Another Friday night...another football game...ALTHOUGH this Friday was a little bit was our last home game and it was senior night! Senior night is where all of the seniors, football players, cheerleaders & band members, are introduced with their parents during pre-game. It is usually an emotional night, as it is most likely the last time they will play at home.

As the coin was tossed all of the seniors went onto the field with their hands clasped in unity...once a Wildcat...always a Wildcat!

We have 21 seniors graduating this spring, which means for a very young team next season!

Brendan and Colin along with Bric standing where the action is to be able to do their duty...BALL BOYS! They were sad too, as this will be the last game they will be ball boys this season!

Ryan taking a time-out with his defense

One of Ryan's players making his tackle

Ryan's Defense

The Wildcats did not fare too well at their last home game; they lost to Mountain Lions 13-35. They now need to win out (win both of their last games) to be eligible for a play off birth. Next week we are away at a school that I am not so fond of...
Better Luck next week Wildcats!

Saturday on the Field
Poor Brendan and Colin...they were not feeling so hot on Saturday...they have been fighting off sickness all week, but insisted they play in their game.
Thankfully the game was not as early as last Saturday and we did not have to be to the field (0n this side of town) until 7:30 am for a 9 am kick off.
And even though I had given both boys medicine before the game, I still had to run to the store to get saline for Colin's nose.

Let the game begin...
The DC coaching the kids

Making the plays

Even in late October it was still hot on an early morning in the Valley.
The Cobras were up against the Steelmen and lost a heart retching game.
They should have won, but were on the wrong side of a very bad call from the ref and once the whistle blows...the play is over.
The play was this...Brendan had stripped (or taken the ball) from the other team's player and was running it in for a touchdown when the whistle see the ref thought the other player still had the ball. No matter that he didn't and Brendan would have scored, giving us the lead...cuz once the whistle is blown the play is over. Brendan was very upset...oh well...hard play too swallow.
Cobras 13 - Steelmen 19
That was the last regular season game for the Cobras...they play next on Saturday November 7 and it is there 'bowl game'.
We are hoping for a WIN!!!
Until Next Time...
Go Wildcats!
Go Cobras!


He & Me + 3 said...

Oh no....hope the boys are feeling better soon and that everyone brings home a win this week. Nice talking with you yesterday:)

Stacy said...

Sorry the boys don't feel well,but they were determined to play!!!

Well better luck on Friday!

Following HIM said...

Good Job Cobras and good luck next week Cobras & Wildcats! WoW...that is a BUNCH of seniors...WoWee!
Have a great Monday!

Robyn said...

Hope your boys feel better very soon. That's just like guys to play ball even when they don't feel good.

E @ Scottsville said...

Oh man, that's awful for both teams... but especially that game-making play for Brendan. So sad!

Better luck next week for your guys.

Darcie said...

Bummer!!! Thank goodness its a new week...hope they are feeling better soon!

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Oh man.....I never realized that football was such an insane schedule but it totally is!!! ;) Great Job this weekend even if your not always winning!!! ;)

Stephanie said...

Too bad both teams lost...better luck next week!

Hope both boys are feeling better today! Seems it's going around everywhere.

Carin said...

So sorry they weren't feeling well, they sure love the game to be out there anyway though. They sure have great uniforms compared to ours!! sorry to see the seniors go, I bet it gets emotional.

kimert said...

Hope you guys have a better week this week. :)

Alicia said...

Oh man...bummers for both teams!!

It is definitely hard to swallow when the ref makes a bad call.