Sunday, June 13, 2010

Project 365

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A Picture a day for 365 days...a year's worth of fun!
I hope you have as much fun seeing a peek into my week as I am posting about it!

Sunday~135/365 With this being my parent's first summer spent out in AZ we had a family BBQ on Sunday! This was also the first time they swam in our pool. They used to be snow birds and since our pool is not heated it is too cold in the winter to swim. We had lots of laughs and family fun! This picture is of us eating...I was having too much fun swimming to snap pictures of us in the pool! Maybe next time!

The boys have been working very hard to earn their stars for their star charts. If you missed that post and want to read all about it, read here! Well on Monday they each met their 10 star goal! They choose to get a treat for our upcoming in vaca for the car ride! Once they each earn 10 stars they start over!

Tuesday~137/365 Colin is my sleeper! Doesn't matter what he's doing or where he's at or what time it is...if he's tired, he's gonna nap! And he usually doesn't tell anyone either...we just go lookin' and this is what we find! All snug as a bug in a rug!

Wednesday after football practice we loaded up the car and headed North West to Laughlin Nevada. We went to the Avi Resort with some family friends for a few days and had TONS of fun! The is the pool that we swam in.


Just one of the many many pictures I took of the boys while on our mini vaca! This was at the pool in the kiddie part...they had water sprayers!


We stayed from Wednesday to Friday. Not only did they have a pool but they had a beach right on the Colorado River! The boys had so much fun playing in the sand; they would rather be there than the pool. Ryan spent most of his time inside at the casino, but on Friday morning before leaving we talked him into heading to the beach for some fun and pictures! Love this one of them walking. The entire resort was so much fun and so beautiful! I will be posting more on that this week!

Saturday~141/365 Here is Colin all ready for camp! As you read this we will be on our way up to Northern Arizona (a 3 hr drive each way from our house to camp) to drop Colin off at Camp Candlelight. This is a camp specifically for children with epilepsy. (for those who don't know, Colin was diagnosed with Childhood Absence Epilepsy in January). He is so very excited! He has never been to camp before and now he gets to go for an entire week and I don't have to worry about him because he will be with trained professionals and getting his meds and having a blast! This will be a great opportunity for him!! Can't wait to blog about this either!

This is what Sara says on her blog about Project 365...
"I am attempting to take one photograph each day of this next year. My hope is to be able to slow down and see the small things, become a better photographer and to be reminded of the many blessings God sends my way! "

Well said Sara...thanks for letting me tag along!
Join in with Sara...It's not to late to join the fun!


lifeasyouliveit said...

i hope he has fun!! drive safe and when you get back we need to make a coffee date this week!

Lisa said...

That is great for Collin and a nice support time for him too. I love your vacation photo's the pool looks so inviting, my favorite is the one of the boys in the pool with the drops of water. Good photo technique.

sara said...

that resort looks wonderful!!!! my family would always go out to Palm beach...summer rates are so low b/c it is so stinkin' hot!! :) Looks like you had a blast!

yea for camp!!! My kids always loved going to camp. Now I only have one going, Jared will be going to band camp in July.

He & Me + 3 said...

The pictures from the resort were great. Nice shot of the boys with the water and that beach is my kind of beach. Love that your parents are staying with you year
I hope that Colin has the best time at his camp. How fun.

Tori said...

Fun BBQ with the family!
I think Colin and I could be fast friends. No one at my house likes to sleep. :)
I LOVE the shot of the boys in the pool and on the beach. What a great vacation!
Hope Colin has an amazing time at camp! We did camp this week and are so thankful for safe places for the kids to go!!
Have a great week and safe drive back and forth to camp!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

That pool looked heavenly!

Fun week!


Dena said...

What a beautiful place you stayed at! Love the water spraying in front of the boys photo.

How exciting for your son to go to camp. All 3 of my kids went to Asthma camp, and as you said, it's nice to know you don't have to worry about them. It also gives you a break from the daily meds & worrying as well.

Bridget said...

The resort looks awesome, and it looks like you had a great week!

Foursons said...

Looks like such a fun week. Mini vacations are always so much fun. Lots of good times and little money spent. :)

I have such good memories from when I went to camp during my summer vacations.

skoots1mom said...

a glorious week...
great vacation pics, too
so eager to hear about his camp adventure!
my girl always loved camp.
so proud for him to be going...

Leslie said...

I'm jealous of your family barbecue, your cool vaca, AND those naps!!! :) haha!

That's wonderful about the camp for kids with epilepsy. I had a cousin with regular seizures (though it was caused by something specific and they never called it epilepsy). She always missed out on so many choir tours and camps and such. When she was in the 8th grade and I moved to her town (and started dating her chorus teacher - the now hubs), I offered to chaperone a choir tour with her so her mom could feel safe with her going but she didn't have to be "uncool" and have her mom along. I never realized how much she had missed out on until I saw the excitement in her eyes on that trip. I'm really glad there's something specifically for your son - what a blessing!

RaD said...

That pool looked great, but I know boys usually prefer running up and down the banks of a river to staying "clean" in a pool :)

I'll bet your going to miss your boy even though he's excited to go.

Elizabeth said...

Vacations are always so wonderful... aren't they...
I love your Thursday picture... too cool!

The Bug said...

Looks like you had another fun week. Dr. M & I are going to Lake Erie over the 4th - maybe I'll get in the water then!

Hope Colin has fun at camp - should be a blast for him.

Debra Kaye said...


thanks for letting me tag along with you on this post. I loved the resort and that brought back lots of family fun times :) so so glad you are taking the time to enjoy it with your boys!! Loved the pool picture...beautiful! Loved your three guys strolling the beach..precious! But my fav was that boy of your cuddled up sleeping!! Yup! I'm crying again! I do hope my blight sisters hang in there with me! Loved your post honey! Big big hugs!!!

Alicia said...

Great pictures again!

The resort looks so nice, and how fun for Colin to go to camp!!!!

Jules said...

You sure have had a fun but busy week. Can you send some of that warm weather up here?

steffenboysmom said...

What a great week and wonderful shots! I can't wait for our vac!

Jen said...

Love that Collin is headed to camp! He will have such a great time!
Your mini vacation looked like fun too. You guys have had a great start to your summer!

Stephanie said...

How fun! Love the mini vacation - we SO need one of those right now!!!!

Hope Colin has a great time at camp- I know he will and can't wait to hear all about it!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Your vacation looks like it was so much fun! Just plain relaxing and warm and full of good family memories. Wonderful!!