Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ture Story Tuesday ~ Football Edition

That's right....football is a YEAR round sport friends.
12 months a year...most of the 52 weeks a year...almost 365 days a year.

January - April they have weights and conditioning everyday after school in the weight room. And most of the football coaches are the track team coaches as well so the football players are very encouraged to participate in track (if you know what I mean)!
May is spring ball.

June & July are summer conditioning months. That's right even in the summer they have practice. Ryan is up at the high school Monday - Thursday from 7-10 am for strength & conditioning, weights, meetings and practice (without pads). And I have to tell you that we live in AZ so our summers are HOT (to say the least)...yesterday it was 107*.

At the end of July the team and coaches head up to Northern Arizona for a week for their team camp. Lots of fun, hard work and male bonding...eeeeewww!

August - November is actually FOOTBALL SEASON!! Yay! We start school the 2nd week of August so before school starts they do their 2 a-days and then start regular practice and then Friday night games soon after!

December is the time that they have uniform turn-in and their banquet. AND the weight room is ALWAYS open!!

During their summer work-outs they have passing tournaments quite a few days. That means it's kind of like 2 hand touch. Which is hard for Ryan's guys since he is the Defensive Coordinator and that is what they do...TACKLE!! So he works of footwork and interceptions with his players! This past Thursday and Saturday they had 2 of these passing tournaments. Ryan was pretty happy with his players as they had a number of interceptions for 3 defensive touchdowns (that is very good!)

And you thought football was a fall sport...silly people!!

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Stacy said...

Oh my! Didn't know they had to do all of that! Really, 107? Wow, that really is hot! We may have to visit GC in the winter:)

Carol said...

Just call me ignorant! lol I so thought it was only a fall sport. Thanks for straightening me out. :-)

He & Me + 3 said...

I didn't know soccer was year round either, but we have sure made it that. Sheesh. We just go indoors in the winter :)
Thanks Taylor Sportsplex!
I think i have seen these pictures before :)
Eat sleep breath football! Forever!

Alicia said...

I just love how your family is so athletic! I know I've told you that before..LOL!

Foursons said...

Yikes- year round sports are tough. My 19 year old plays baseball year round.

Pam said...

I knew!! Mine was at football passing game last night!! :) He was also at baskeball (which is not just a winter sport) and will be playing in a summer baseball league starting wednesday (which for him is only summer!!) FUN!!

Jenglamgirl said...

Call me ignorant too!!! ha! now i know! great PICS. OF some athletic kids! I hope my older son will find interest in sports one day. If not, no biggie.. He is the thinker, puzzle, engineer, lego kid. My youngest son may be the sports type.

Thanks for you visit too, I actually have the burlap paper flag frame on my red Hutch at sitting on the top. Have a great day. Jenn

RaD said...

107?! I'll neve complain about our California weather again. Okay, that's not true because sometimes we get like 105 which is still a scorcher!

Beth said...

I knew it was more than fall but had no idea it went year round! Josiah was always big enough for football and tall enough for basketball and we would have let him do either but karate was always his first love so he stuck with that. It's LIFE long, I think!

Jen said...

Any sport that you want to really excel at takes all year...every year! I love the "encouragement" to run track! And "the weight room is always open."
Whew! I guess the coaches are at it all year too!

Bridget said...

Wow, it has to be HOT during those practices!

Stephanie said...

Wow! Is it like that with football everywhere or is your school just really into it? that's a lot of football :) Good thing you have some dedicated kids!

Of course people tell me that about allstars everyday right now-they have to be committed and love it or they tire out very easily.

Rachel said...

Oh girlie... I am just hoping my kiddo doesn't decide to play football! (He only has one kidney left and I am terrified of what could happen with a hard hit). I would say baseball is better, but darnitall... that seems to be year-round here too! hee hee

You guys sound BUSY! Are both your boys going to play through school? Oh, I mean, through the YEAR? :)