Thursday, September 2, 2010

Football Frenzy

Last week was the week...the week when it began...again...the first week of FOOTBALL SEASON! My most favorite season of all!! It all started Thursday night August 26, 2010 when the Wildcats of WCHS played the Knights of WV. It was the first high school game of the season and was be broadcast live on our local cable TV channel...first time EVER that we have been on TV...very exciting I tell ya!

Friday Night Lights
Thursday August 26, 2010
WCHS Wildcats vs. WV Knights
We were away...I think this was the first time that we have actually talked to Ryan before the game! The boys were so very excited to be able to hug on their dad before kickoff.

The National Anthem and presentation of the Colors

And here are your 2010 Wildcats!!

Ryan gearing up his defense

Ryan's defense ready to HIT somebody!!
One of my new fav pictures!! Colin standing at the rail watching the game.

Ryan doing some sideline coaching

Great motion on the field...for some reason my camera is not taking very good action shots...makes me kinda sad.

Some of the coaches wives in the stands sporting our new Wildcat gear!

And thats the horn...sadly we were unable to bring home a W losing to the Knights 35-7. They are the #4 team in our region...not that that is an excuse. Ryan said he was pretty happy with the way that his defense played as our offense turned the ball over 5 times during the game.
We play away (again) tomorrow's hoping for a win!

Saturday on the Field
Saturday August 28, 2010
Cobras vs. Giants
On a very early, very hot Saturday morning we headed to the field for Brendan & Colin's first football game of the season!

Beautiful morning for some football!

This is the 3rd season the the boys have played on the Cobras and they love it. Brendan is #80 and plays defensive end and Colin is #60 and plays center. These boys could care less if they win or lose...they play for the ♥love♥ of the game.
And here are your 2010 Cobras!!

Opening kickoff...let the game begin!

Colin is center...getting ready to snap the ball

Brendan making a key play...he made that tackle! Way to go B!

And that's the game....
...THE WIN!!!
Cobras 32-Giants 0
Great job boys...we are so proud of you!

Thanks Grandpa for coming to watch us play the game we love!
The Cobras play again on Saturday morning!!
Let's go get'em Cobras!!


Stacy said...

I know Ryan was proud of his players!!!

Way to go Cobras!!!!

Kelly said...

Yeah for football!

He & Me + 3 said...

What a great set of pictures.
I love the one of Ryan's team slapping hands at the end of the game...great angle.
Way to go Cobras...keep it up.

Bridget said...

Way to go Cobras! Keep enjoying your football season!

RaD said...

I love how you do these updates, I'm gonna have to do this during my kids' sports seasons.

Jane Anne said...

I love your football pictures! I am SO ready for SEC football.

I also love the picture with Grandpa. Very cool!

Julie said...

Is it football season already!!! I miss summer!!

Stephanie said...

Wow - how cool you guys were on tv!!!!!!

Hope they can win next time!

Cool that the boys won though - awesome game.

Jenilee said...

lovin' all the football pictures! it makes me feel like fall is on the way for sure!

Darcie said...

It's begun...Football Frenzy! I will look forward to checking in more frequently now that summer has wound down.