Monday, September 27, 2010

Football Frenzy

Friday September 24, 2010
WCHS Wildcats v. VV Monsoon

Brendan, Bric & Colin before the game

Before the game...during the pre-game talk in the locker room, Ryan hangs back to let the head coach talk up the team. Here are some of the coaches and the trainer waiting for the team to take the field.
The coin toss...we are playing our in-district rivals...the MonsoonThis game is one of the biggest of the season...WCHS has not lost to the Monsoon as long as they have been playing. This year it was at VV...just a hop, skip and jump from our house. Lots of hype and smacktalk throughout the week for these bragging rights.

In the stands waiting for the kick off...our side of the stands were packed...not an inch to move. And we were LOUD! The loudest I think I have ever heard Wildcat fans!

Ryan's Defense coming out pumped up and ready to hit somebody

Time out with the boys

I ♥ this series of photos...Getting the crowd pumped up!

So this was the story...I didn't get a lot of good pictures...1...I was WAY nervous...and 2...this game was WAY exciting. No time for pictures...only cheering.

The Monsoon scored first and was up most of the game with a score of 7-0. In the 3rd quarter the Wildcat defense got a safety...making the score 7-2.

KNOTS in my stomach...ugh...then in the 4th quarter we finally put it in the endzone to make the score 8-7. We went for a 2 point conversion but didn't get the score stayed 8-7. With less than a minute in the ballgame...the Monsoon had the ball and were driving it down the field. Ryan's defense was strong but tired. They threw a pass and were getting close. They only needed a field goal to win. With 7 seconds left on the clock...the defense SACKED the quarterback and that was the game....

WCHS WINS!!!!!And this is the photo you get since I was jumping up and down cheering my heart out!!

Everyone stormed the was such a great win!

They turned the scoreboard off quick...I didn't even get a picture!

Ryan & the boys with Monica and Silvia

Ryan & Mitzi

It was an amazing game...I left with a huge smile and no voice...which is the way I should always leave a game!!
WCHS Wildcats 8 -
VV Monsoon 7

And we have bragging rights for another year!

Saturday September 25, 2010
Cobras v. Rhinos

I was trying to get creative with the cheerleaders new poms...I am the Team photographer and thought I could get the girls to make a C with their poms...too frustrating! We will try and practice before I take the next shot! So for now I put the poms in a C on the ground!!

I think this was the hottest of hottest games we have played this season. It didn't help that it was at 2 o'clock in the afternoon with no shade and the temp was well over 100*. They were also running over an hour behind due to an injury at an earlier game. So the timeline goes something like this...
12:15pm: at the field for warm-ups, practice & weigh ins
2:00pm: game supposed to start
3:10pm: actual kick-off
5:10: game finally over
5:30pm: getting into the car to head home
And we were outside the entire time...and the boys were in full pads the entire time...I think they were worn out before the game even started.
We played our game on one the practice fields at the University of Phoenix Stadium...the home of our NFL team, the Arizona Cardinals.
Colin on the bottom of the pile!

Colin making his block

Colin ready to snap the ball

Did I mention how HOT it was?! It was all we could do to keep these boys hydrated. There were sprayed down, dowsed with water, iced towels on their necks and heads. Normally they have to keep their helmets on all game, even on the sidelines, but today coach said they could take it off when not playing to cool down.


And this is every football mom's worst fear...her son going down and not getting up...there were injuries...lots of injuries...too many injuries on Saturday. Not just at our game, but all over the league. I heard 2 ambulances had to be called for broken legs. We had 4 kids leave the game due to injuries...this is our quarterback...not serious, but a helmet to the side that knocked the wind out of him and left one heck of a bruise. He did not finish the game. I was a football mom whose son was injured last season...NOT a fun feeling. All of the Cobras' injuries were non-serious and they should all be back Tuesday (thank goodness)...but man alive, football is a serious sport.

Back to the game and back to some hard hitting
Here is Brendan making his block
Looks as though him and the other kid are jumping right off the groundAnd that was the game...the looonnnggg, HOT game.
And sadly the Cobras could not bring home a win.
Cobras 0 - Rhinos 26
Next week is homecoming for the WCHS Wildcats...always a fun week...but they have a tough game...
So let's get tough!!!
Until next week...
Let's Go Wildcats!
Let's Go Cobras!


Jen said...

Way to go wildcats. Great football

Darcie said...

I feel like I am cheating since I knew who won...via FB! Sounds like it was a great win.

As for the Saturday game...YIKES...100 degrees? UGH! Maybe next week.

Foursons said...

Those football injuries scare the tar out of me. I won't be to sad if my boys decide to skip football altogether.

RaD said...

I can't even imagine playing football in heat like that. I say blame the loss on the heat :)

Way to go Wildcats!

Bridget said...

Congratulations to the Wildcats!!! Love all of the football pictures!

steffenboysmom said...

My sis-in-law is married to a football coach as well. So she knows the time it takes. How neat to see your boys playing the game that the whole family loves!

They are going to be an "asset" to the team when they get older!

Diana said...

Congrats to them!!

Stephanie said...

Wow - it looks out out there!

That always worries me - they love the game so much though!

He & Me + 3 said...

Wow such excitement on the fields this past week. So sorry I have been MIA. Sheesh. Never thought I would miss out on blogging.
Love all the pictures. Even the blurry cheering picture. What an awesome win.
Our team lost yesterday 8-7. Grrrr.